Someone is going to get hurt!

Internet social media sensation Rich Piana has again attracted the wrong kind of attention, this time being called out by the YouTuber known as Prophet Muscle SuperStarTV.

Rich Piana – bodybuilder and king of living it large, has millions of subscribers and an audience of millions who follow – possibly the most famous man in the bodybuilding fraternity on the internet – his posts, be it on Instagram or YouTube.

Because of Rich’s popularity, he’s been able to monetise his YouTube videos and earn money generated from the revenue on his channel – not that he needs it. But because the internet is always inundated with people searching for ‘Rich Piana’, other YouTubers – or wannabe YouTubers – have begun to get in on the act, using Rich’s name to make their own viewer count increase.

Prophet Muscle – a self-proclaimed MMA fighter and bodybuilder – is the latest to prosper off the back of Rich’s popularity. He recently made a one-hour video ridiculing Rich Piana, calling him out to fight in the ring. He put $20 grand on the table and made the challenge.

As is the case in the world of social media, news travels fast, and Rich Piana was quick to reply, making a video of his own, accepting the challenge.

If the fight is to happen, the $40 grand prize money means the stakes are high. But if Prophet Muscle was to fight Rich Piana and win, what would he gain – aside from $40G? An MMA fighter vs a non-competitive bodybuilder? Is this a fair fight?

I’m sure Rich Piana fans would love to see the two come to blows in the octagon, but will it ever happen? …probably not.