3Js Nutrition Network is proud to announce its addition to the Muscle Chemistry team! Thanks so much to all the staff and admin here at MC for being so welcoming!!!

What is 3J's Nutrition Network:
3J's Nutrition Network is a company dedicated to the most effective avenues of knowledge that can be applied in the pursuit of nutritional counseling. With the gain of this knowledge through cutting edge research and ever-the-wise experience, the network reaches out to eager clients who want to get the most out of their efforts in reaching their certain goals.

Why do I need nutritional consultation:
Imagine a car. When I say a car I mean something thats fast, sporty, sleek, and looks like its full of confidence; ready to take on anything! Lets make this car a metaphor for your determination to reach your goals! Wonderful! Your a fast, powerful, road gripping sports car! Thats the attitude it takes to reach your goals, which is the finish line at the end of the track.

Now, imagine that car without gas in the tank. You get in, slam on the gas pedal repeatedly, but it doesn't go anywhere! Why, you ask? Its because the gas is a metaphor for your diet, and a poor diet is like having no gas in the tank. So all your efforts are put to waste! With a correct diet, we can add some high octane fuel to that car and get you moving towards that finish line!!!

Simply put 80% of your success with your set goals will come from your diet!!!!. The rest is all about training, which is something that my clients also receive help with.

Its really simple physics. A body cannot gain mass without the addition of mass past what mass the body is burning off to sustain itself.

A body cannot lose mass without giving it less mass then the mass it burns to sustain itself.

Now dieting and reaching your goals isn't as easy as the said true facts stated in the above two paragraphs, but those are the bottom line truths in dieting. There is a very complex balancing of different macro and micro nutrients that most people have no clue how to correlate to their diet. 3J makes all that simple for you.

What do we do for you:
When a member becomes a client for diet advice they are given a questionnaire that allows for a deep look into the lifestyle that the client leads. We look at things like the activity level at work, the workout routine, the cardio routine, the time the person wakes up, sleeps, and works out. We ask about your favorite foods, or foods that you might be allergic to.

All members are required to take a tailors tape measure and measure out certain parts of the body at the start of nutritional advice in order to better track progress of the diet and training routine.

Progressive Nutritional Coaching:
Many nutritional companies will give you a set meal plan and send you out on your merry way. They dont care to do something called MICROCALIBRATION. It is a true statistical law that no one human body works EXACTLY the same way and reacts EXACTLY the same way as another. There are a great deal of genetic and environmental factors that play a role in either hindering or helping you reach your goals. Someone may have been eating 2 meals a day for the last year. He cant just be put on a 6 meal a day program and sent on his way. We would have to follow him, watch his progress, and make tweaks in his diet to safely and optimally move him into a 6 meal a day plan. There are other factors that play, too many to list here, that could involve tweaking and adjusting your diet. The progressive nutritional coaching is there to compensate for these possible variations from client to client. Some may have extremely slow metabolisms that need speeding up and cannot be done without following them for a number of weeks. Some may have a super fast metabolism and need more calories then what the "standard" approach for someone their weight and bf is; progressive coaching deals with those possible problems.


2 months 250

3 months 300

4 months 400

6 months 500

12 months 750

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The pictures below are made possible with two things; The hard work and dedication of my clients and my guidance with one of my programs

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20 week contest prep

One year transformation, this client lost 100lbs!!!

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