So much discipline! For anybody that competes.

by: Mia Whylly, News Reporter - Published Friday, August 19, 2016

The 2016 Northern Bahamas Overall Figure Competition winner, Lakeisha Miller, is spending four hours a day preparing for the Nationals the end of this month and the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in September with the goal of receiving her pro card this year.

Having won the D Division Figure and the Overall Body Figure at the show on Grand Bahama July 23, Miller is hard at work chiseling and fine tuning her physique in order to defend her 2015 Ms. Figure Bahamas title.

When The Freeport News caught up with Miller, she was training hard and it was clear she is extremely focused.

Miller shared that having always been active in sports, Body Fitness is now her sport of choice. “I fell in love with the way I was able to transform my body by lifting the weights. My main goal is to always bring a better physique to the stage and to obtain my pro card,” Miller admitted.

The Body Figure Overall winner acknowledged that the sport is one where you need to be extremely dedicated and disciplined. “I am prepared to continue to give the sacrifices that are necessary, because I can see the results will allow me to represent The Bahamas and win Gold at the CAC Games,” Miller stated confidently.

“I would like to see this now popular sport be part of the Olympics because Bodybuilding and Body Fitness are not easy. The sport requires a strict diet, many hours in the gym, poise, and all of this while your body is sapped of energy as you cut down on the fats then the carbs, unlike other sports,” Miller added.

As Miller trains extra hard towards achieving her pro card she thanks her son, her parents, siblings and coach IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro Joel Stubbs for their support and encouragement.

“Petra Brice, Jan Johnson, Tammy Stubbs and Charnice Bain – all elite local bodybuilders, along with Lorraine LeFleur from Nassau have inspired me to continue my push forward in the sport. Grand Bahama has and continues to have women on the CAC team who excel. I thank all the folks in my gym, G.B. Fitness who pass me and comment on my workout ethic and throw love and support my way,” Miller said.

Miller furthered that she wants to encourage all women to never give up on their fitness and wellness goals, “you might have doubts some times, but in the end you will be thrilled with the outcome. Running and aerobics are great but the contours you can achieve with weights are truly amazing. Working with weights is definitely what I would encourage every woman to do; yes diet is important, but losing weight alone does not improve how you look, sculpting does.”

The CAC team will be chosen from the athletes that compete in both the Grand Bahama Competition and Nationals. Miller concluded by warning the other Caribbean nations to watch out, because this is her year and in September she will be representing the ‘242.’

Published Friday, August 19, 2016