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    Info*i*found and good shit to know.....

    Time between DNP runs for recovery?

    I swear I've looked just about everywhere and can't find any info. It sounds like once it leaves your system after 5-7 days, you want to wait a few weeks for the thyroid to recover?

    I'm curous if there's a difference between 21 day low dose (250-ish) cycles VS 8-10 day high-dose (500-ish) for recovery as well.

    If you need to run that many DNP cycles back to back there are more important issues at hand like diet and training....

    But to answer your question I have read online that 6 months between cycles is ideal to ensure there is no issue with your PNS, also the more you take it the less effective it will be foradditional cycles.


    Jul 31, 2015, 9:46 PM


    Everything I read here says that it's literally impossible to develop a tolerance to DNP.


    Aug 1, 2015, 8:21 AM

    Low dose DNP (so the week and a*half after your last pill) is actually a decent hormetic agent, and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, the same way that mild caloric restriction can possibly do that. This might even partially explain why a week after people stop taking DNP, they feel like they have all this energy.

    So you won't necessarily "build a tolerance" but if you have more mitochondial density, your body can adapt to uncoupling more, and you won't necessarily get as many sides from it.

    Important things to note: things that are good for your health/mitohcondrial health/electrolyte balance probably wouldn't be bad ancillaries to take if you're absolutely deciding on taking DNP.

    That includes Carnitine, Taurine, CoQ10, methylcobalamin (might prevent the peripheral neuropathy to a degree). None of them would "hinder" the effects of DNP, but they'd probably do a lot to protect your body from all the negative acute/long term complications of DNP use.

    Also important to note: mitochondrial uncoupling starts at as low as 30mg of DNP, and it's half life is estimated at like 36 hours... so If you were taking 500mg/day towards the end of your cycle (stable dose of 1350mg according to this), it would take*197 hours*(8 days) before youactually stop the mitochondrial uncoupling.

    I personally wouldn't ever advise someone take DNP, because the prevalence of some potential problems in the population isn't*that*rare, like mild carnitine transferase or other carnitine deficiencies, a decent amount of the population are carriers (and 1 functioning gene is totally fine, but 2 might be better), or any sort of underlying illness.

    Obviously people who are weight training are less likely to have those problems anyway (because of a self-selection bias, weaker/slower people with shitty genetics are less likely to successful become big and lean and get this involved into certain communities), but there's obviously intrapersonal variance there, and if 100 guys take DNP it might exacerbate any underlying long term conditions in the future for at least a few of them, and renal/cardio effects are amongst the worst common effects of electrolyte disturbances, and those are amongst the top 5 killers in old age anyway. The same is true of AAS use and cardio stuff too (and also hepatic), which has been well documented. Interestingly enough DNP might actually be beneficial for hepatic function in low sustained doses (fights fatty liver). But that's in*verylow doses, like*just slightly above the 30mg levels in the blood.

    The safest (least bad) dose to take DNP if you absolutely would, would be a*lower*dose with healthy breaks in between, enough so that you can get the hormetic action of it, without overloading your system. A clear sign you're overdoing DNP is when you start to experience side effects associated with DNP (shortness of breath, lethargy, hyperthermia). That's the DNP overcoming your body's regulatory mechanisms. But if you take 250mg even once, and you don't start immediately breaking out in sweat, it*doesn't*mean that it's not working, it means that your BMR has gone up and your body*is able to adapt to it without fucking up too bad. You still lose the weight (above the 30mg threshold effect anyway), and you don't absolutely destroy your body in the process in the short term.

    Interestingly enough, if you took a 750mg*bolus at the start of the week, and didn't take any at the end of the week, you'd end up with 30mg in your blood at the end of the week (use this to figure that out) assuming the half life is actually*36 hours.

    If you split the dose and went 250/250 Day 1, Day 2 (407.491 on that day), and then nothing for the rest of the week, you'd end up with 25mg at the end of the week. <--- The 250/250/off/off/off/off/off is probably the least dangerous way to take DNP, with theconcentration being the highest (and you experiencing the most sides) on Day 2.

    But people don't take DNP to lose weight slowly and progressively, most of them take it because they want results NOW, and the guys that are asking about what to do for their 3rd or 4th run on forums like this aren't often NPC pros, they're usually the guys who can't get their diet and training in order in the first place, and hopped on a cycle and started taking DNP instead of learning to bulk and cut, and actually getting a solid base in the first place.

    I should probably write a post on this eventually. Not the last part, but about DNP and harmreduction.

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    Personallyi do the time on = time off thing for DNP.....its a rare thing for me also

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    I always wait a month between my BodyTech cycles. Can't beat their customer service @btrep @ShoowStopper second to none!

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