Sergio Oliva Jr. Training Ahead of the Arnold Classic

Sergio Oliva Jr. is in full beast mode!

The 2020 bodybuilding season is looking to be extremely competitive as some of the best in the world ramp up their training ahead of the Arnold Classic.
With Roelly Winklaar dropping out of the 2020 Arnold Classic, the field has opened up even more. With the return of Mamdouh ĎBig Ramyí Elssbiay set for the show, many are predicting the Egyptian mass monster could end up in the top three if not win the show outright. William Bonac also has a legit shot at winning the Arnold Classic as he preps harder than ever before.

With so many talented bodybuilders on the card itís hard to pick a favorite heading into the 2020 Arnold Classic. But one man that must be included in the list of favorites to win the show is Sergio Oliva Jr.

With such a legendary name to live up to, many are expecting the best from Sergio Oliva Jr. and from the training footage captured online, he doesnít look like heíll disappoint.

As we get ever closer to the Arnold Classic itís quickly becoming apparent that Sergio Oliva Jr. has the goods to take the top spot at the show and potentially punch his ticket for the 2020 Olympia. If heís able to win in Columbus, Ohio, Oliva could be a true threat to the top of the division. Make no mistake, anyone can win the Olympia on any given night and with a win at the Arnold Classic Sergio Oliva Jr. can set himself to play spoiler later this year.