A few days ago a clinical trial was published stating that creatine causes cancer... Can this be true? Well, the truth is that it canít, as stated by Dr. Richard Creider along with 29 other experts in a critique of this clinical trial.

👨🏼*🔬 Problems:

❕They used mice 🐁 in which cancerous cell lines were transplanted.

❕They were given an extremely high dose of creatine, the equivalent of 560 grams in a 154-pound person 🤯.

🧪 Explanation:

❕Those mice were much more likely to develop cancer, regardless of the cause 👎🏻.

❕Anything in massive doses can kill you, even water 💧 .

❕One of the previously published clinical trials showed that creatine could have anticancer 🛡 properties in mice.