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0:00 – Intro
3:08 – In your opinion/experience, how powerful is Insulin paired with anabolics, for gains, etc, versus insulin, anabolics, and GH?
7:53 – The standard time for a muscle group to recover Ive always learned was 48 to 72 hours. I’ve had workouts, granted moderately heavy lifts with sets to failure, where I’ve gone 4 sometimes 5 to 6 days with soreness lingering. Even though I’m now 38 I’ve had this going on since as long as I’ve ever been lifting in my teens. I’ve been training hard this way for more than a year straight. My question is have I overtrained and need to dial back the training? Is this great training results? Or am I simply not eating enough afterworkouts?
13:04 – My PSA goes to 8, could be my high estradiol value (271) – what could be the cause?
15:10 – Taking DHEA on TRT – is there any point?
17:07 – You recently mentioned the difference between calorie burning cardio and fat burning cardio. Of the two, which one is best for heart health?
19:25 – Why my libido goes down when I switch esters (cyp to enanthate).
21:08 – Is there a maximum amount of protein that you would recommend for someone who’s not eating a lot of fats but has some eggs ,steaks,salmon on the season or on season.
22:25 – Any tips on how to help the oil from stagnating at the injection site? I’m only doing 2cc a site
23:38 – an you explain the physiology behind why legs are almost impossible to grow after a certain age? How can other body parts respond fine while legs have no/little response to training? Same body yet different responses between upper and lower body.
26:23 – Regardless of being on cycle or off. As soon as I start to cut body fat my strength sky rockets. I often find I’m stronger going into shows then when I started a prep. Food and training is alway consistent what could cause this rise in strength?
28:22 – Should you take liver health supps like Tudca and NAC while on cycle with orals or when you come off cycle? Or at all times?
30:23 – If I’m at the correct body weight for my height, but, I still have a a little gut, and back fat, should I continue dropping weight? I really want to see my obliques, and abs muscles popping.
31:55 – Any untold Craig Titus stories?


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