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Blessing Awodibu Shows Off Insane Legs 2 Weeks Out From Indy Pro

Blessing Awodibu shows off some crazy legs.

Without even stepping foot on a pro bodybuilding stage, Blessing Awodibu has seen his popularity skyrocket in recent years. While he was supposed to make his IFBB Pro League debut at the 2020 Arnold Classic Australia, the show was cancelled for obvious reasons. Now with the Indy Pro right around the corner, Blessing is building up hype for the show as he reveals his insane leg development.

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Blessing Awodibu truly has an insane physique, one that has many thinking he could be a future champion. Weeks out from his IFBB Pro League debut, Blessing is looking impressive.

Side shot from this morning post fasted cardio posing.
3 years of prep is now down to the last 5 weeks 🙌🏾.
I’m super excited and we gonna have so much fun with this one.

While he may have great potential, Blessing has often been criticized for his leg development. While he has certainly showed some great legs in the past, many believe that it’s his only weakness.

Well in response to those critics Blessing Awodibu released some pics of his insanely well developed legs. The progress pics shared to his Instagram story tells the full story.

These shots are pretty impressive. Blessing Awodibu is showing some much improved legs. That said we still have to wait and see what the finish product looks like. With the Indy Pro just weeks away, will we see Blessing Awodibu dominate the competition?

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