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Brandon Curry Wins Arnold Classic 2019

William Bonac Places 2nd while Luke Sandoe Receieves 3rd Place Honors

Brandon Curry Wins  Arnold Classic 2019 event so far has been full of surprises as many of our predictions has taken a back seat as soon pros stepped on the stage. The fan favorite and current’s peoples champ Roelly Winklaar was considerably off tonight compared to his last year’s condition at Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic Australia and leaves the competition open for the last year’s winner William Bonac and the ever-improving Brandon Curry.

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Tonight Brandon Curry outlasted the last year’s winner ‘The Giant Killer’ William Bonac to win the prestigious Arnold Classic 2019 competition.  Curry displayed top-level conditioning to proven himself to be one of the best tonight.

Arnold Classic 2019 Results & Prize Money

  1. Brandon Curry, $130,000 
  2. William Bonac, $75,000
  3. Luke Sandoe, $30,000
  4. Cedric McMillan, $50,000
  5. Roelly Winklaar, $15,000
  6. Steve Kuclo,  $10,000

Brandon Curry Wins Arnold Classic 2019

Arnold Classic Most Muscular Winner

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