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Center Podium’s Chris Minnes & Bojana Vasiljevic on Muscular Development

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Worldwide promoting, Turning Pro, Romance at Venice Gold’s, Sewage smells, the bible belt, relationships, and more.

Muscular Development’s Giles Thomas sat down with Center Podium owner Chris Minnes and Top IFBB Pro Figure Pro Bojana Vasiljevic AKA the First Lady of Center Podium AKA Center Podium Trophy Queen, AKA the female Borat AKA the Serbian Princess.

Giles discusses the rise of Center Podium and the rise of Bojana’s IFBB Pro League Career. The conversation is an entertaining journey discussing Serbia, Gold’s Gym, Jay Lo’s butt, Bev’s Gym, Russia, the Bible Belt and… Well, you may just want to watch for it all to make sense! Enjoy!

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