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Cosmic-Industries Bodybuilding Supplements

The F.U.B.U. Approach To Entering This Multi Billion Dollar Industry!

With The Supplement Industry being the money making machine it is today , its hard to keep track of all the new supplement companies and brands that continue to hit the market. Every once in a while one or two might grab your attention due to its catchy name, or some flashy new ad you have no choice but to watch until the  “Skip” button pops up!

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Well Cosmic-Industries is neither of those. Yeah sorry not a fan of the name , lmao but hey I also said Netflix would never take off, and that new social media sites like facebook would never ever overtake the “forum” based model of community like we have had here at for over 20 years. So what do i Know anyhow! lol But rather the reason Cosmic-Industries has my attention is due to its FUBU (For Us By Us) Approach To Entering The Supplement Industry. The owners are two well known bodybuilders, one of which a prominent member of this community for many years and the other an IFBB professional bodybuilder. What this means more often than not is that this is a “Passion Product” that is starting out with a few products at a time and doing it right! Making sure the ingredients are as true to the label as the taste is to tongue.


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  1. The supplement industry is a TOUGH business to make it in, especially in these time. I certainly wish them the best and I will try them. The Stardust caught my eye.

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