By G Says
September 13, 2023
3 min read


3:09 – Craziest off-season diets you’ve seen from bodybuilders not named Juan Morel?
6:55 – Taking a week off from training – would you change diet or add cardio? I’m trying to gain mass.
11:10 – How does Dave train now in his 50’s?
14:35 – Two different esters repetitively?
16:35 – Post-workout carbs causing me to bloat, is this common?
19:16 – Currently bulking and doing 4iu GH daily. Splitting injections as first thing in the morning and the 2nd being pre workout. Is this the optimal way for building muscle? Also, should you always not eat anything around your gh injections time?
21:27 – Finasteride dosage for enlarged prostate?
23:45 – Is it worth getting injectable dbol,anadrol,winstrol etc over pills?Also is there a reason why you prefer taking orals every day and not just pre workout (for longer cycle)
27:49 – I can’t explain the science behind this and hope you can help. I’ve been taking 100mg/wk of Test E for over 1 year now. Years ago I used to take Test E all the time with no issues. Now I get serious PIP every time. I’ve tried various sources, yet get the same results. I’ve also tested the sources (via roid test) and know they are legit. Recently I started pre-loading my syringe and let it sit for a few days in the same bag I keep all my gear. Somehow, that seems to prevent the PIP. Any thoughts on why that is? Could it be that excess preservative has evaporated?
29:22 – People who are in gyms all day (trainers, gym employees), is there a risk of over-training?
32:20 – Dave’s “classic” 5-day split.


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