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Dexter Jackson win the Tampa Pro 2019!

IFBB 2019 Tampa Pro Results

2019 Tampa Pro: The (12th annual) IFBB Wings of Strength Yamamoto Nutrition Cup Tampa Pro is Underway and so far we have a few winners from multiple divisions although the event runs through the 4th of August.

There are more divisions to come like the Men’s Open Bodybuilding and women’s divisions so we’ll update you as we learn of the winners.

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We now have the final official results for all the divisions at the 2019 Tampa Pro…

IFBB 2019 Tampa Pro Results

Men’s Open Bodybuilding:

The 49 year’s old Dexter “The Blade” Jackson is the winner of the Tampa Pro 2019.

Tampa Pro Bodybuilding
Tampa Pro Bodybuilding

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Luke Sandoe
3. Iain Valliere
4. Lukas Osladil
5. Hassan Mostafa
6. Milan Sadek

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding:

John Jewett took the 212 win. He earned his Pro card in 2016 and placed 3rd at the 2019 Chicago Pro.

Tampa Pro 212 Winner
Tampa Pro 212 Winner

1. John Jewett – Tampa Pro 212 Winner!
2. Zane Watson
3. Guy Cisternino
4. Shane Stewart
5. Karol Małecki

Classic Physique:

Classic Physique Tampta Pro
Classic Physique Tampta Pro

Abner Logan is an NFL free agent who happens to be a bodybuilder as well. He took the Men’s Physique crown at the Tampa Pro. He was the 2018 NPC Classic Physique Class D Winner.

1. Abner Logan
2. Rickey Moten
3. Logan Franklin
4. Blake Cornett
5. Tony Harris
6. Dimitri Vorotyntsev

Men’s Physique:

Tampa Pro Men’s Physique Winner!

1. Carl Presendieu 
2. Anthony Woods
3. Stephen Cao
4. Cory Morris
5. Kimani Victor
6) Greg Brant

  1. I think DEXTERS conditioning was better than anyone else. Onion thin skin and cuts and striations for days. Defying father time over and over again.

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