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  • I actually Lived here, than moved out there to live for free and get some college done (by Tramway and Montoya) I think that was called TVI or something to that affect, I have a great memory as U can tell. 528 is the road the gym was on. I couldnt Hang out there with no beaches and using lotion head to toe everyday, the view of the Sandia's from the house was amazing though! I looked at those jobs they were all pretty much agricultural BS degrees u need specifically for that, thank u though. I have been hearing some good news about the hospitals so maybe something will happen soon there. Thanks man
    might be the defined fitness your talking about. If you dont mined me asking, whats in florida bro? i would think it would be a huge culture shock, moving from here to there. Did you ever find any job postings on some of those web sites? hope it works out for you, good luck.
    Cool man thanks, I used to go to a gym south of my Moms house, whatever road runs north and south past the 2 story mall, I foget what its called but it was pretty good
    hey brotha, if you ever come out this way to see your mom....hit me up man. we'll lift some weights maybe swap some ideas....if you like eating some good food. me and my lady can take you and wife out to a good place. maybe shushi or what ever you guys like.
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