1. N

    Napsgear NapsGear: Stay Fit Throughout The Holidays

    Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get in the way of your fitness goals. Learn how you can stay on track and reach your fitness objectives. The holidays are a time when many people set resolutions to get fit and healthy. But often, these good intentions fall by the wayside due to...
  2. J

    PM me for all questions

    King is very busy and we're requesting all questions come directly to me. Let's help him by keeping the email clutter down. Thanks everyone!
  3. J


    Hey guys and gals, King Labs we will never blacklist people for non payment if you make an order with us And don’t follow through. We also never follow up and expect a reason why you couldn’t make payment. We are so busy with orders we never apply high pressure tactics . That comes off as...
  4. E

    I'm Back!

    Hey, MC, been quite a while since I was active here. Been quite busy with all kinds of shit happening in life. Made a major change for the better and am now able to make time for training - which has been severely lacking - and maybe contributing a little bit here again. Glad to be back, and...
  5. Presser

    Important Member Notice - PLEASE READ

    As I'm sure everyone has noticed our dedicated server keeps crashing so please bear with us as we are waiting on a new server Meanwhile We will be moving to one of our other dedicated servers and then running on dual dedicated servers with load balancing fail over so if one is down or even...
  6. drtbear1967

    2018 Fitness Trends

    by Matt Weik Each year we see different trends in the industry and this year seems to be the year where we saw things trending back towards the basics. There really hasn’t been much innovation or excitement thus far in 2018 which is unfortunate. With that being said, below are the trends we’ve...
  7. Jumbo Shrimp

    Stefi Cohen

    Sorry for the delay guys. Been a busy few weeks! Lets get this shit crackin
  8. drtbear1967

    Dumb Motivational Sayings

    Dumb Motivational Sayings<!-- /react-text --> <!-- react-text: 716 -->by Jim Wendler <!-- /react-text --><!-- react-text: 928 --> <!-- react-text: 929 -->What’s the dumbest motivational saying in fitness? Well, most of them are horrible. The one that comes to mind is "the best workout for you...
  9. Mountain_Man

    Still waiting to hear from Presser busy man

    Igf1 email did u get in been two weeks I know ur busy as hell
  10. M

    Great foundation

    These threads are great foundations for beginners and also those that are advanced in the body looking great and healthy. I love these threads , I am wanting to say if you are in help we are here to give help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like me I need help on some workout routines, I am very busy so I can...
  11. Iron Game

    No time for healthy diet? Some Californians say they're too busy to eat healthy foods

    Some low-income Californian adults say their busy schedule is to blame for their unhealthy eating habits, according to a study from Johns Hopkins and the University of California, Berkeley. The study is published in Preventing Chronic Disease. Researchers surveyed more than 500 adults living in...
  12. 9

    Nick Diaz gets busy with his nunchucks

    <iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zFZkq5OIJxg" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe> lol at off camera bong hit, he's got serious nunchuck skills though, i'm impressed
  13. teedubgee

    Because apprently Presser likes my girlfriend...

    Because apparently Presser likes my girlfriend... We (I) made it two years this past January, and we're not sick of each other yet (she hasn't left me... whew!). Still training, still unemployed, still busy with school, graduate this summer, or in the fall if I intern through the summer. And...