1. jasonhill800

    Barefoot Squats: Are They For You?

    We all know squats are great for strength and building mass, especially in your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core. But what about the debate of squatting with shoes vs squatting barefoot? Are there any benefits of squatting barefoot? For most, its personal preference, and many...
  2. yourmuscleshop

    Pain is where the Growth is, Makes us feels Alive - Zack King Khan.

    Pain is where the Growth is, Makes us feels Alive - Zack King Khan. @zackkingkhan
  3. N

    Pain tighness when doing abs

    So i have a difficult Time training abs crunches puts a lot of strain on my lower back and movements like bicycle kicks or leg raises put a lot of strain on my hips my legs aren’t very flexible I’ve never been flexible with my legs but right below my lower abs right where the hip in the groin...
  4. drtbear1967

    Flex Lewis on Death of Luke Sandoe

    flex_lewis I have tried to write something several times and can’t find the words to do it. It feels like DejaVu two young men gone long before they should have. - I have known Luke for over a decade we were both sponsored by Gaspari, seen him win his pro card and watch his career grow into...
  5. G

    Has anyone tried Gonova HGH?

    I purchased a few kits before the holidays. This type of HGH feels a lot stronger than anything I have ever taken before. AT 4IUs a day its incredible and money saver. Has anyone else tried this brand?
  6. B

    Want to Extend Cycle

    So my cycle is waning down. The tail end of it is just 200mg/tren E/week with my weekly TRT of 400mg/test cyp. I planned it to draw out the time on the tren so I have probably about 18 weeks of that, nothing else. This cycle has been extremely successful going from 205 to 225 lbs while...
  7. 9

    Dana White feels Unapologetic for the comments he made about Cris Cyborg

    <iframe width="949" height="534" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9rPqmFD-jkA?list=PLfDFUuKySBTVQsNkQ34mKlaYV0UaPgGqO" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> **Receive 10% off your MC Store order of $50 or more...
  8. G

    Sore from first Test injection

    I did my first injection of Test Cyp in my glute and it feels like a bruise after 48 hours. I am reading a lot that means the test is bunk. Should I be concerned or is this normal and I just need to shut up and deal with the soreness? I got the test through a friend who has been using it for a...
  9. C

    IGF IM pain normal?

    Been injecting for the first time in my biceps and holy fuck this shit hurts feels like I tore every fiber in my biceps without working them at all lol .... debating sticking with SUB-Q because of this... any input is great
  10. M

    Igf lr3, creatine, beta alanine and gear synergy

    Have any of you guys notice a difference when using supplements and gear? I’ve done creatine on it’s own, gear in its own and igf in its own and now I’m doing all 3 and i can feel hardness on muscles even. I know about anavar and creatine is There any synergy with what I’m taking since it feels...
  11. F

    New to Muscle Chemistry!

    What's up guys!!! Just joined here to Muscle chemistry and am excited to get started. I would appreciate any helpful feedback or extra advice one feels I could utilize to accommodate myself here!!! Thanks again for having me!!!
  12. B

    Anavar or orals only cycle

    I have a good friend who wants to gain a little muscle, but for personal reasons would prefer to use an oral to help more with recovery instead of sheer mass. He's 6' 3" 230 lbs. probably 8-10% body fat, doesn't want to get too much heavier, possibly only 10 lbs to 240, but he feels he has...
  13. drtbear1967

    The Diet That Has No Name.

    <header class="entry-header">The Diet That Has No Name (and Why It May be the Best Thing Ever)by Nia Shanks </header>“What diet do you follow?” she inquired as I devoured my bowl of delicious, spicy Thai chicken soup. When the waiter asked how spicy I wanted my soup perhaps I shouldn’t have...
  14. 9

    Masvidal Hit in the Feels by Cowboy's Grandma

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0QpI0chNNJc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Dean Destructo

    Horny on Deca

    Ever since the Deca kicked in I have been uncontrollably horny. My wife is getting smart and trying to hide, she knows if she has a dress on it is over, lmao. I was researching other threads on other boards and I noticed a lot of folks report increased libido on Deca. I swear it feels like...
  16. Presser

    Anyone here NOT Wear Underwear?

    As of today I'm trying something new out which is I'm not going to wear underwear anymore under jeans or shorts! I'm gonna try freeballing it for a while to see how it feels! Anyone here not wear underwear??
  17. Iron Game


    The bulldog program is designed to make you as big and strong as possible. It is called a powerbuilding workout because the goal is to give you the best of both worlds: a powerful physique with the strength to back it up. <ins id="aswift_0_expand" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none...