1. F

    Igf and dosage

    What do people go by? Bro science? Lab test ? When it comes to igf? I’ve read people running 1mg a day… are they going by body weight ? I mean at 300lbs I could see that dosage , I’ve talked to people I’ve personally known and they’re saying yeah 150mcgs to 250mcgs is good .. but hey that one...
  2. Ox 51

    Is It Worth It?

    For those of you who have used gear, has it been worth it? I started with test, like most of us would advise. I loved the results. I gained 30 pounds pretty easily. Tried a few stacks with Deca, Dbol, EQ, etc. and gained a bit more. I started getting some sides like acne, gyno knots, etc...
  3. yellow snow

    Ice baths

    Anyone do this on a regular basis. I tried this for the first time and really liked how I felt afterwards; I am going to keep trying it now that it is summer, not sure how enjoyable it will be in the winter??
  4. Presser

    Fractured hand

    Guys , anyone who has been waiting for a reply from me via private message, i am on top of it all today. I fractured my left hand weed whacking and power washing the house about a week ago, and havent been on here much due to trying to figure out what happened to my hand. It swelled up like a...
  5. S

    Estrogen high?

    Been doing Test only 200/week. Haven't been taking adex probably like it should be taken. Been Feeling light headed and sort of dizzy. I read up on high estrogen side effect and sure enuff that was one, from high levels causing low blood sugar. One site recommended eat something sweet. I did and...
  6. nuknuk

    Back again 😏

    I know I come and go, but guess I’m like that crazy ex that just want ever go away. Lol. As some may remember I won a body transformation contest last year and then shortly after I had health issues again and but me out and back to shit I went. Well long story short after dealing with more...
  7. B

    Call me crazy !

    Was reading about the new testosterone nasal spray being tested for women. Sounded pretty promising. So I have some test base raws lying around, can you guess where this is going ?. I was getting ready to go to the gym. Well I decided against my better judgement to snort 100mg to see what...
  8. B

    How's everybody else's head on tren ace?

    So I'm just starting my third week of prop/tren ace 100/100 EOD and I'm just wondering if I'm actually starting to go crazy.. I'm depressed one minute angry the next and I'm constantly feeling insecure about my wife and how she feels about me. We've always been good we have three kids together...
  9. Iron Game

    Bikini Competitor Went To Scary Lengths In Order To Stand Out.

    Being long, lean, ample-bootied, and X-Men-level muscular is the calling card of a fitness competitor. See them on stage and you might think: What does one have to do to get eight-pack abs? And how come these people have NO cellulite? Reality check: Though some train responsibly, many bikini...
  10. Dean Destructo

    Cold Chills from IGF-1 LR3?

    Started another round of MC IGF-1 . First dose was 50 mcg bi-lat, 100 mcg total. Felt it as soon as it kicked in, amazing pumps as usual. Then I felt really cold for about 20 min. It was almost alarming. Needless to say I warmed right up. Anyone else experience this?
  11. U

    ***** Solberg lab - Another Champion *****

    <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->It started with this email... " I'm good bro thank you for asking! One of my clients just placed 1st in two different categories and 3rd in another with ur gear! " Of course i felt proud, and I asked to see some photos,I will post more when i get them.
  12. jimbosmith316

    Leave abusive relationships for the sake of your kids

    This can go both ways. Unfortunately RAECHELLE CHASE Abusive relationships happen silently but as long as you are breathing, you can still get out, writes Raechelle Chase. After 14 years together, my husband and I separated in February 2015. I don't really know how it happened, but I fell...
  13. jimbosmith316

    Meet the bodybuilding gran with a hot body and a toyboy: 'Growing old doesn't need to mean giving up'

    Never grow old! 07:00, 28 AUG 2016 BY LYNDSEY GILMOUR For Janice Lorraine, 73, age hasn’t got in the way of following her dreams – or bagging herself a man… Janice, 73, won the Australian championships and Ms Universe (left) and then with boyfriend David (right) With nerves swirling...
  14. jimbosmith316

    Dekel Nesbitt shines at 2016 NPC Southern States Championship

    Lots of hard work pays off! Bodybuilding and figure competitor Dekel ‘Bowflex Barbie’ Nesbitt had been putting in an immense amount of work this season and it served well for her this past July 8 - 9. The ‘Bowflex Barbie’ traveled to the 2016 NPC Southern States Championship, held at the...
  15. jimbosmith316

    My First Women's Physique Competition Kristy Holtemann Wilce

    Very beautiful and talented! Moving up the ranks! I did it! I competed in my first Women's Physique competition. I have been delaying writing this because I have so much to say, and so little time to say it! So I decided I need to do what I do in life everyday, and just jump right...
  16. Masher59

    Peak Week!

    Start my sodium load tomorrow and my first run at the stage is closing in. The last few weeks have been absolute Hell and I've felt like a basket case almost every day. Hopefully the info I have gathered works for me and I climb up there hard, grainy and veiny without any spillage but who...
  17. Iron Game

    Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty 2 Routine

    Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty 2 Routine Mike Mentzer Workout By Paul Becker I first got interested in bodybuilding back in 1978, at that time Mike Mentzer was rocketing up the bodybuilding ranks. He won the 1978 Mr. Universe and became the first bodybuilder in history to get a perfect score from the...
  18. D

    Very achy (flu like) and very sore injection site

    Took my first shot of a cycle last night 150 mgs test prop 100mgs masteron felt like shit since I woke up this morning. I've had seriously sore inj sites before but never felt crappy like this. Very achy joints and a bit anxious feeling. This normal? Could i have bad gear?
  19. Iron Game

    My Beginnings by Paul Anderson

    My Beginnings by Paul Anderson When I was in college, all of the football players lived together in one large athletic dorm called McGee Hall, on the old Furman University campus. As strange as it may seem there were no coaches or any other adults living in the dormitory with the athletes...
  20. Presser

    Chest and Triceps Yesterday....blahzay blah blah

    Its always those days where you dont feel like going to the gym and you push yourself to get in and you have a great workout! Well for me yesterday was the opposite, i felt amped to go since the night before, felt as if i timed all my supplements and meals just right for optimum performance...