1. jimbosmith316

    Your Toes in Weightlifting

    The position and engagement of your toes can play a significant role in your weightlifting technique and performance. Proper foot positioning and toe engagement are essential for stability, balance, and power during various weightlifting exercises, especially compound movements like squats...
  2. jimbosmith316

    Your Foundation (Feet) are the Key to Success

    Strong feet are crucial in weightlifting for several reasons: Stability and Balance: Weightlifting requires you to lift heavy weights while maintaining balance. Your feet are the foundation of your body, and strong feet provide the stability needed to perform lifts safely and effectively. Weak...

    How to Master Split-Stance Box Jumps

    How to Master Split-Stance Box Jumps AMONG PLYOMETRIC moves, box jumps are a favorite. They build explosive power, cardio capacity, and balance.Runners can get even more out of the move with a second box. “Split-*stance box jumps came from exploring sprinting mechanics,” says Ash*ton Roberts...
  4. jasonhill800

    Barefoot Squats: Are They For You?

    We all know squats are great for strength and building mass, especially in your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core. But what about the debate of squatting with shoes vs squatting barefoot? Are there any benefits of squatting barefoot? For most, its personal preference, and many...
  5. jasonhill800

    4 Effective Exercises When You Only Have Time for One

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  6. drtbear1967

    Happy Shoulders

    Shoulder Health Sunday? Can this be a thing? . Today we are going to go over one of many exercises that I started performing that took my shoulder pain from “I can’t even look at a barbell without it hurting” back to benching every other day. Reducing pain with a concentration on the eccentric...
  7. drtbear1967

    Quads to grow!!!

    QUADRICEPS VARIATIONS . 📚 This series can be great for your arsenal if it’s for your warm up (before your workout, form of dynamic stretching) cool down (post workout) or even an exercise to superset with a compound exercise like a squat or a stiff leg deadlift. Since leg workouts can demand a...
  8. drtbear1967

    Plyometrics: Single Leg

    PLYOMETRICS: SINGLE LEG VARIATIONS . 📚Most athletes expose themselves to high impact landing while playing sports. Recurrent hard landings can lead to degeneration of the ankle, knee, and hip joints. Learning to land softly and to decelerate the weight of the body will significantly lower the...
  9. drtbear1967

    Stop Foam Rolling your IT Band

    Stop smashing your IT band with a foam roller and do this instead! Your IT band doesn’t like compression and this can often make it worse. Have you considered your hip as being the culprit? Maybe we should attack the hip instead of just smashing our body where it hurts! Our hip plays a large...
  10. T

    Testosterone Base question

    Long story short, I had pretty invasive surgery for obstructed bowel recently (one foot zipper from rib cage to past naval) and have to take full 10 wks off training :( so when I come back was going to try Test Base something uncharted waters as all my test use involved esters That being said...
  11. A


    Hi im 36 and 5 foot 11, have done plenty of cycles since my 30’s but have never used hcg. i do pct after cycles but after my last cycle back in April my testies never really went back to a normal size like usual after a pct. my next cycle which I’ll start in November is test and deca at 600ml...
  12. drtbear1967

    How to like your body more.

    The brain is an amusing organ. We frequently put it to use in a manner we think is helpful and productive, but is actually the opposite. Like at Thanksgiving when your brain prods you to keep piling more tasty, only-get-it-once-a-year foods on the plate. We can totally eat gigantic scoops of...
  13. drtbear1967

    Footing to imporve your Deadlift

    When deadlifting, think about putting force into the ground – keep your toes down. This works better than just thinking about lifting the weight or leaning back. Lifters need to learn the "tripod” foot, which means the foot has three points of contact with the ground. That larger base of support...
  14. drtbear1967

    Importance of Foot Placement

    by Tim Arndt • Before you can perform any exercise properly you have to get set up correctly. For a standing curl, a commonly overlooked aspect of proper setup is foot placement. Most people keep their feet side by side, which creates a small base of support in the sagittal plane (front to...
  15. Iron Game

    Use The Leg Press Properly

    Don't think you can't mess up your form on machines? Here are some important reminders of what can go wrong. You'd think the leg press would be idiot-proof. But nope! Like anything else in the weight room, there are any number of ways you can mess it up. Because you don't have to balance the...
  16. 9

    Foot Positioning Technique by Dominick Cruz

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  17. jimbosmith316

    Tarpon Springs represented in Men’s Physique competition by Justin Edwards, 35, owner of a Tarpon Springs Snap Fitness

    Wonder if he allows grunting in the gym? TARPON SPRINGS – Justin Edwards, 35, owner of a Tarpon Springs Snap Fitness and a city resident, will compete in the Gary Udit’s 2016 Teen, Collegiate, and Masters National Championships, July 20 to July 23. Until the competition, Edward’s lives his...
  18. 9

    RDA Injued - Out of McGregor Fight

    Broke his left foot, Cerrone and Nate Diaz are strongest possibilities for a replacement right now.
  19. O


    Hello my name is oldwarriorman...jusy joined have no idea how to ser up profile. .looking fir opinions.. Doing a show in 53 yrs old 213 lbe..about 12% b.f 5 foot 9.inches..want best cycle for 16 weeks for show. Any help woukd be grateful..thank you..and hello to all..
  20. 9

    Dominick Cruz on foot rehab, fighting Urijah Faber again, Conor McGregor

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