1. Stickler*

    Problem w/ Messages Inbox/Reply/New Message?

    Anyone having any problems with sending/replying to msg's in the inbox? I can't use the form to reply or write anything for some reason.
  2. yellow snow

    New mask mandates

    Tren and the new mask mandates don’t mix very well. I refuse to wear a mask and people are getting an earful when the “Karen's” open their mouth.:moon: Everyone keep talking about science....the CDC stated that the virus can spread up to 18ft distances then quickly revised it back to 6ft of...
  3. J

    Guarantee sponsor

    Kinglabs is now a guarantee sponsor on professionalmuscle. This is something they don't hand out. There is no reason why anyone should be hesitating to try us out. For a complete list go to or click the banner!
  4. Presser

    Testosterone Suspension Guide - Dosage , Duration and Results

    Testosterone-Suspension As by its nature Testosterone-Suspension functions by the same mode of action as all testosterone compounds. As Suspension, as it is commonly referred has no ester attached the entire mass of the compound is pure testosterone. For example, Testosterone-Propionate...
  5. drtbear1967

    Bad Training Day? But WHY?

    Although the title of this post states "bad training day", I'd argue there is no such a thing as a bad training day. Even if you weren't able to perform at your best on a certain day, you still showed up and are building the habit of consistently training your body. - Now, to make sure that when...
  6. Presser

    Cosmic-Industries Bodybuilding Supplements - The F.U.B.U. Approach To Entering This Multi Billion Dollar Industry!

    With The Supplement Industry being the money making machine it is today , its hard to keep track of all the new supplement companies and brands that continue to hit the market. Every once in a while one or two might grab your attention due to its catchy name, or some flashy new ad you have no...
  7. Steroidify Rep

    30% OFF promo extended

    We believe NOW is the best time to stock up while gyms are closed. Fortunately the vast majority of people thought the same and SPRING30 promo turned out to be highly successful. For this reason we decided to extend it for 48 hours more. Promo code: SPRING30. As always apply at checkout. Cheers...
  8. Presser

    Serious Question....

    I am contantly getting facebook messanger chats, and actual calls at all hours of the morning and the vast majority are from Muslim Men, My question is this, is this like a known "thing"? I cant understand why so many muslim men message me through facebook messanger, and actually try...
  9. drtbear1967

    Go Heavy, Retain Muscle

    Go Heavy, Retain Muscle – You've been training hard while trying to gain as much muscle as possible. Now that you're on a diet you must give your body a reason to hold on to this new muscle. High-intensity strength exercises (70-100% range) are better than low-intensity exercises (40-70% range)...
  10. drtbear1967

    Neck and Upper Back Pain

    𝐍𝐄𝐂𝐊/𝐔𝐏𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐍 . . . 💥 Do you have neck/ upper back pain from sitting too much? Use the chair you’re sitting in for this exercise to find relief! Many people spend most of their day sitting, let’s face it, it’s unavoidable most of the time. Instead of blaming sitting for the problems...
  11. Metal85

    Melanotan 2, Where are---

    Where are your favorite places to get it? I used extreme a couple times, but for some reason the transaction was never easy enough. Suggestions?
  12. Steroidify Rep

    Be a Bronze Adonis with Melanotan 2 from Steroidify!

    Summer has passed, and the days are growing ever shorter, but don't despair. Steroidify can help you keep that perfect golden glow year round without needing to spend all your time in a tanning booth or applying creams and sprays. Get your hands on some Melanotan-2 and bask in the glory of your...
  13. Macedog24

    Anavar... For cutting and recomp

    OXANDROLONE (Anavar) - 10mg/tab EP Supplier:Euro-Pharmacies Chemical Namexandrolone Comes In: 10mg tab Dosage: 50-100mg/day Active time: 48 hours Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid Anavar is a DHT derived steroid that has been structurally...
  14. drtbear1967

    Exercise Execution: The secret solution for more muscle

    There are no special amounts of repetitions, volume, intensities, frequencies, rep ranges, or exercise programs that will make you progress quicker than understanding proper exercise execution. <article class="blog-post-page-font" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style...
  15. drtbear1967

    How to stay lean after dieting

    Take This to Stay Lean After Dieting The fat starts to creep back on after a diet, but this supplement will go a long way in helping your body resist that fat. Being lean, really lean, is usually a transient state as all severely restrictive diets eventually come to an end. On one hand, the...
  16. drtbear1967

    Dangers of having Athletes as the Face of Your Brand

    Sponsored athletes and endorsements are commonplace in our fitness and supplement industry. They can help get your brand out in front of a target audience by using an athlete’s name, face, and celebrity status. While it might make sense to use that athlete as the face of your brand, you’re...
  17. Presser

    Cardarine SARM Science. Best Fatloss S.A.R.M. Video

    Cardarine SARM Science. Best Fatloss S.A.R.M. Video <iframe width="350" height="350" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> GW-501516 Cardarine Fatburner WHAT IS...
  18. drtbear1967

    Caffeine pre training to reduce DOMS

    Those who consumed caffeine prior to exercise had less delayed onset muscle soreness compared to those who didn’t consume caffeine. . Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is something that a lot of people who are new to working out experience. It’s not to say that experienced lifters don’t also...
  19. drtbear1967

    Counting Calories - Caloric Density and Water

    When cooking food, water can either be lost or gained, impacting caloric density. This weight change can vary depending on method and duration of cooking. Therefore, the safest bet for those tracking caloric intake is to weigh and log your food BEFORE cooking it. . Rice can almost TRIPLE in...
  20. drtbear1967

    Refined Sugar - Listen to the Science

    The reason why we present the evidence for the safety of aspartame as an artificial sweetener is because the alternative usually is to consume foods/drinks sweetened with refined sugars. Sugar sweetened beverage is hands down the worst grocery in terms of avoiding weight gain. . It is very...