1. yourmuscleshop

    Buy Smart Pill (Armodafinil) 150mg online

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  2. J

    Safe travels

    If anyone is traveling this weekend, be smart and safe travels!! Enjoy the extended weekend!!
  3. Presser

    Sick as Hell last few days, Scary time to be sick too & Do not go to gym all sick and shit

    So, i feel like a million dollars right now, as i was sick like i was on my death bed last week through much of this weekend! Anyhow, first thought was of course this Corona Virus bullshit that my phone sends me new notifications for every five minutes lmao. Shit had me worried if im being...
  4. Presser

    'Invisible computing' startup unveils smart contact lens

    'Invisible computing' startup unveils smart contact lens<figure class="article-img" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px;"><figcaption class="text-darken text-low-up text-truncate-js mt-3 text-truncate" style="box-sizing: border-box; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space...
  5. Jozifp103


    Ok folks take 2... I work with Purity Source Labs (PSL) as a representative. I was here with PSL a few years ago when we last sponsored here as well so some of the vets may remember me. I created an intro thread here under a new name yesterday because I couldn't remember my password for this...
  6. D


    I know tren does not convert to estro. However I've been told the Prolactin can bloat you. I was very confused, as I was not looking as I thought I would on Tren. Well I have from a very smart board member that Caber which should be on hand at a minimum while on tren can take care of the...
  7. Presser

    How do you like our New Front Page of

    Curious about everyones thoughts on our new front page here? Especially On Your mobile smart phones, and of course desktops (if anyone uses desk top anymore) Anyhow, its an entirely new platform, Literally 1 million times more SEO friendly and its Mobile Friendly Responsive for your Smart...
  8. drtbear1967

    Do not take Nolvadex with Letrozole

    Letrozole and nolvadex cannot be used together! Nolvadex lowers the effectiveness of letrozole by 38% through an unknown mechanism. However, I know several competitors who have told me they take both concurrently Bc their "coaches" don't have a clue about drug interactions. Be smart and do your...
  9. Iron Game

    Origin of Anabolics

    Here is another write up of mine. Quick brief history of the good ol' juice. Some of you may already know this literature, some of you may not. But I want to tell you guys a little story about the origin of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. In 1849, a German physiologist and zoologist that...
  10. Iron Game


    Don't let it happen to you! Many guys work so hard doing everything they can to build muscle and then let their weight training programs fail because they don't get adequate sleep. What is adequate sleep? This will vary by individual, but most likely you will need seven or more hours of solid...
  11. Presser

    Bostin Loyd Video Interview, That Changed My Opinion Of Him.

    I know a lot of guys online, can not stand this cat, due to some of the crazy dosages he promotes or has promoted in the past, and I was a critic more than once or twice lol, however, I watched this Video Start to finish, and I have to say, I came away with liking this kid alot more! Mainly, due...
  12. Iron Game

    Does Phil Heath Train Like a Wuss?

    Does Phil Heath Train Like a Wuss? If you frequent the MD No Bull Forum, or any bodybuilding discussion board really, you have no doubt heard numerous complaints, accusations, and insinuations that the reigning Mr. Olympia Phil Heath 'doesn't train very hard.' That's odd on face value alone...
  13. Presser

    Need Members Help ASAP. Please Read

    For those of you on Smart Phones like Iphone and samsung and such, can you please let me know if our site here is rendering properly on your device? On my iphone, for some reason the site looks like a skeleton , as i see forums listed and everything but its in like a text only display and...
  14. The Dude

    Got my training partner back!

    So today will be the first complete rotation Silk and I have done together in nearly two years. This is Silks return to the gym after over a one year layoff due to health issues and my circumstances. It has been amazing. Workouts are so much more rewarding and I feel like I can focus on getting...
  15. Presser

    Batman versus Superman Movie for FREE in HD at

    Wife and I watched Batman vs Superman on for free and it was in HD! We pulled it up on her iphone and then we slung it over to our smart tv and watched it on the big screen for free in our fucking living rooms! So for those of you who have Iphones and SMart Televisions and...
  16. Presser

    Awsome Fucking Movie "Midnight Special" , my surprise movie of the year!

    Midnight Special is name of movie and it has a pretty good cast, and it was HD and free, and I FUCKING LOVED IT! IF YOU LIKE SCI-FI AND ALIEN TYPE MOVIES THEN THIS SHIT IS FOR YOU Ok so wife found this on i think, AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAV A SMART TV, AND INCASE YOU DONT...
  17. 9

    GSP Begins 6 Week Fight Camp

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe> smart move by gsp, as much as i'd love to see him come back i'd hate to see him lose. also, freddy still kickin and lookin good, glad to see that
  18. Presser

    Why do you guys use Tapatalk? MuscleChemistry looks perfect without it!

    Tapatalk makes our site here look like shit, so I'm curous why so many of you guys are using it to browse our site?? If you have a smart phone then our site comes up perfect on it without tapatalk, and if you don't have a smart phone, well I'm sorry to hear that lmao Anyhow, debating on...