The best supplements for female bodybuilders are those that support their fitness goals while considering individual needs and health status. Here are some supplements commonly used by female bodybuilders:

1. **Protein Powder:** Whey, casein, or plant-based protein powders can help meet daily protein requirements, essential for muscle repair and growth.

2. **BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids):** Leucine, isoleucine, and valine support muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and aid in preserving lean muscle mass during intense workouts.

3. **Creatine:** Helps increase strength, power, and muscle mass by enhancing ATP production, which is beneficial for high-intensity workouts.

4. **Omega-3 Fatty Acids:** Fish oil supplements provide omega-3s, supporting heart health, reducing inflammation, and aiding recovery.

5. **Vitamin D:** Essential for overall health, bone strength, and immune function. Some women might benefit from supplementing, especially if they have limited sun exposure.

6. **Calcium and Magnesium:** Important for bone health, especially for women, to prevent osteoporosis and support muscle function.

7. **Iron:** Crucial for carrying oxygen to muscles. Many women may need iron supplements, especially if they have low iron levels.

8. **Vitamin B12:** Supports energy production, metabolism, and red blood cell formation.

Always consult a healthcare professional or a nutritionist before starting any supplement regimen, as individual needs may vary based on diet, health conditions, and fitness goals. It's essential to focus on a balanced diet first and use supplements to complement nutritional needs when necessary.