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One of the biggest problems for bodybuilders (especially when they are heavy category) is sleep apnea, the airways can be obstructed for many reasons (including the neck muscles) and this can end up causing sleep apnea, today we are going to learn a little trick to self-diagnose it (it is not 100% accurate and you will always require the help of a professional to verify it).


❕We are going to use the Mallampati score, in the photo we can see four similar but different images, the higher 📈 the score, the more risk we will have of suffering from sleep apnea.

❕You will need another person 💁🏼*♂️ to help you out.

❕You should be sitting upright with your head in a neutral position, after that you will need to extend your tongue 👅 and your partner will need to take a look at your overall mouth structure and compare it with the picture.


❕A score of III or IV would mean that you have a higher risk of your tissue making it difficult for you to breathe causing sleep apnea, if you feel tired 😴 or snore often you should see the doctor.