1. jimbosmith316

    Building Your Neck

    Building a bigger neck involves specific exercises that target the neck muscles. Here are some exercises that can help strengthen and grow neck muscles: 1. **Neck Extensions:** Sit or stand with your back straight. Place your hands on your forehead, apply light pressure, and push your head...
  2. jimbosmith316

    Build Those Triceps

    Tricep bodybuilding focuses on developing and strengthening the triceps muscles, which are located on the back of the upper arm. Building strong triceps is essential for overall arm strength and aesthetics. There are various exercises specifically designed to target and isolate the triceps: 1...
  3. jimbosmith316

    Don't Forget Your Triceps

    The triceps brachii, often referred to as the triceps, is a muscle group located on the back of the upper arm. It plays a crucial role in bodybuilding and overall upper body strength development. Here are some of the key reasons why the triceps muscle is important in bodybuilding: 1. Arm Size...
  4. jimbosmith316

    Strengthen your Neck

    Neck workouts for bodybuilders are important for achieving a balanced and well-developed physique. A strong neck not only enhances your overall muscularity but also contributes to better posture and injury prevention. Here are some neck exercises and workouts for bodybuilders: Neck Flexion and...
  5. LeatherHead

    Which SARM

    So years ago on here, we had a discussion about tren and night sweats. It was found that there is a sarm that stops them. I can't remember if it was ligandrol, S7, or what. I know that I started taking it and the night sweats stopped. I just can't remember for the life of me, which one it was...
  6. N

    Napsgear Napsgear: The Brachialis Handbook

    Bottom Line Up Front 1. Want a prominent bicep peak and arm circumference? You can't ignore the brachialis. 2. The brachialis is responsible for making the biceps appear taller. It quite literally pushes the biceps up. 3. Maximize brachialis recruitment by doing elbow flexion with a neutral or...

    Give Your Bench Press a Major Boost With These Exercises

    Give Your Bench Press a Major Boost With These Exercises Break through your plateau by strengthening your back, shoulders, glutes, and triceps. THERE IS A certain type of gym bro, common in training facilities around the nation, that has only one method of gauging anyone else's strength...
  8. yourmuscleshop

    Head to Head battle New Monster

    Head to Head battle New Monster in Mr Olympia 2022 - Michal Krizo Vs Andrew Jacked @michalkrizo @andrewjacked
  9. N

    Napsgear 5 Extremely Underrated Arm Exercises That You Should Be Doing

    When your arm workout consists of only a few biceps curls and shoulder presses, it can quickly become monotonous. Plus, you're probably not getting the outcomes you want. Instead, try a few underappreciated workouts that can sculpt your arms in no time. Try these five moves during your next...
  10. jasonhill800

    Napsgear, Grow Massive Triceps with These Techniques

    Triceps, like the other muscles in the back of the body, are frequently overlooked. Lifters who want to create enormous guns, whether for competitive bodybuilding or merely to impress members of the opposite sex, have a major difficulty. The terms biceps and triceps, as you can see, teach...
  11. J


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  16. drtbear1967

    How can a rowing boat explain muscle contraction?

    How can a rowing boat explain muscle contraction? ⁣⁣⁣ If you've never been able to understand 𝐡𝐨𝐰 muscle contraction actually occurs, thinking of a rowing boat will definitely help you out. ⁣ ⁣ Why? Because the rowing boat follows very similar mechanics! ⁣ ⁣ 💡First of all, let's see how muscle...
  17. drtbear1967

    About Calves Training

    About Calves Training - Let's cover 2 exercises you can use to grow your calves long-term! With an emphasis on "long-term" since the calf muscles are known to progress slowly for most people. - The calves region consists of 2 primary muscles: the gastrocnemius and soleus [1]. The gastrocnemius...
  18. Boomer

    Strange sensation in head , dizziness, strange taste in mouth anyone?

    Anyone feel strange after an injection. I did 1cc test 1cc deca one in each quad. About 5 mins afterwards felt loopy dizzy with a strange taste in my mouth. This has happened once before more severely but it was with tren. I was assuming it was the beginning of tren cough. I did Nick a...
  19. jasonhill800

    Project Get Shredded 2021 - $160,000 in cash prizes!

    This is going to be the most EPIC contest NapsGear has ever run! NapsGear has NEVER done anything like this and it is going to blow everyone?s minds! It?s been a few years since we ran our last Project Get Shredded contest. Competition was fierce! It?s time we got the ball rolling on the...
  20. Boomer

    What would you add to a test a Decca cycle and why?

    I've been running test E and Decca for about 6 weeks and was wanting to add another compound just not to sure what one. Dbol gives me high BP and head aches so that's out. What would you chose if U had to