Looking great for having 3 children! Some definite motivation!


Michelle Greene – NPC Figure Competitor
1. What got you started in the fitness realm?
I have always been active, I started playing volleyball in middle school and continued in high school. I began lifting weights in high school when I joined my first gym. My dad loved to lift weights and he also played sports. I wanted to compete after seeing Monica Brant on ESPN doing a fitness routine many many years ago I wish they still televised the sport!


2. Are you training with a trainer or working on your own?
I am a certified personal trainer and my own trainer. I do all of my contest prep on my own, however, for my last show on 8/11/12 I did hire a posing coach since I was getting back into figure after 4 years, and I wanted to make sure I still knew my stuff. I am considering having someone do my diet for next season too, I am going to be bringing my best physique yet!
3. What do you love most about competing?
The thing I love most about competing is the structure and the goal. I am a very structured / routine person so prep is perfect for me!
4. What’s the hardest thing about competing?
The hardest thing about competing is fitting everything in, I’m a mom of 3 toddlers and a wife. My family always comes first so it’s a challenge to make sure I prepare my meals and get my workouts in.
5. Where do you train and what’s your training schedule like?
I currently train in my home, we have a ‘gym’ set up in our basement. As mentioned above I’m a pretty busy mom so my workouts are done once everyone is in bed for the evening.


Michelle Greene – Fit Mom
6. What is your favorite body part to train? Your least favorite?
Honestly I love training all body parts but I would say my least favorite would be delts because I never seem to get the results I’m looking for!
7. What do you recommend for someone just starting out or even thinking about competing in the division you do?
My recommendation for anyone starting a workout program or preparing for a show is to do research and hire a reputable coach/trainer. Unfortunately there are so many people out there that do not know what they are doing but call themselves coaches, I worry that some people will go to such extremes and really harm themselves and their bodies. Keep it simple and do the research!
8. What division do you compete in and why did you select that one? (Figure, Fitness, Physique, Bodybuilding)
I started competing in Fitness, moved to Figure then Bikini and now I’m finally back in Figure where I will stay! I had to take time off because of pregnancy / birth of my 3 yr old son and 14 month old twin boys


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