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Glad to announce that PSL is still G2G!!!!

I was super nervous after getting bunk gear for the first time in 16 years when going through a Domestic
place through a source that is very high up there in competition & with training pro's.
After I got my labs from being ultra lethargic & found my test levels to have plummeted for the first time ever
I knew I couldn't risk another BS transaction with a place like NexGen.

I immediately placed my PSL order, nervous as hell with the whole World being upside down still. They received
payment quickly. It went to ship quickly, thennnnnnnnnn
It sat at the Airport for weeks.

I thought oh great I'm about to get fucked again.
I wrote PSL, they responded immediately and we wrote back and forth.

A few days after that there was finally an update that it was finally moving (absolutely the shipping Company's slowness)

I got everything & it was packaged differently than it has been in the past, but just wanted to let everyone know,
although there may be uncontrollable delays from a huge influx in packages all the shipping companies have been
shipping, do not worry on PSL's part bc they are still doing their thing! The correct way!

As I have for the last decade I stand behind PSL & just wanted to let anyone know in case they get nervous w long
or delayed shipping, that they pull through just like they always have :)

Something finally went right this year!!!
Yes, PSL and Euro-Pharmacies product are top of the top.

The new gold series rocks!!!