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"Training Over 40" Our Newest Forum here at MuscleChemistry is pretty self explanatory I guess, lol

I know for a lot of us gym rats we have been at it so long that we tend to forget that theirs a ton of people just starting out in the gym. These people have no idea what to use, how to use, or which muscle groups work best together when working out. On top of that a lot of these people just starting to workout are men and women in their 40's. Which means they have the greatest chance of hurting themselves.

So, please keep in mind their is no such thing as a dumb question, for the most part anyhow lol. With that said, im sure their will be somehting for everyone in this forum, no matter how seasoned the vet you are! As we will be covering every aspect of bodybuilding and training over 40, meaning the TRT HRT , and the good old fashion steroids cycles that work best.

If anyone here has an article to share, please share it! Questions are welcome, as are the answers!

P.S. we will be adding a private one on one forum where only site reps can see the threads that each member makes. Here they can ask delicate questions, and we can help answer those the best we can.
Great ideas, Presser. I am 41 and have been in the gym over 25 years. I got out of my routine over the holidays and am trying to get back, but up to that point I was the strongest I've ever been. So, I'm hoping for more good years ahead.
51 here and still love the gym, just have to train smart.

> 40 Training Smart!

Is using trenbolone over 40 Smart ? It’s the next / current article I’m working on.

Im starting a poll thread tonight to help with article.

any advice anyone???
I think we have to look at several factors when we are speaking of Tren. 1. How has it affected you in the past and how much were you on 2. Tren a or Tren e 3. What is the desired outcome?

I don't have a l of answers but looking forward to reading your article.