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  4. Silntrunin

    Old Dog Here

    Didnt see a intro section (maybe I missed it) but decided to introduce myself here. New to the board but been around for years since early 2000s. Just getting back into the game after a 5 year absence due to hip and back issues and surgeries. Last November being the most recent back surgery...
  5. Presser

    Presser's Pic, I Havent Posted Pics in AGES!!! Me turning 50 Yrs Old!

    Turning 50 soon and thought I would share a recent picture. I haven't posted pictures in years man! I'm a long long way from what i looked like last time i posted photos years back but feeling pretty good about how i look heading into my 50's lol
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    Connor Macgregor and My Wife.

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  11. S

    What’s up brothers

    What’s up brothers ,it’s been a few years I just want to reintroduce myself I’m swolup0709 44 male 20yrs training and hands down to presser thank u for what u do some people prob have no idea what it takes to maintain a solid space that’s filled with nothing but true pure referenced approved...
  12. T

    Looking for a legit TNE recipe

    Can anyone share with me a test no Esther recipe. I found a bunch on here but I'm not sure which one is most effective. If you have water base and oil-based recipes I would like to look at both. Also if you could share numbers and not percentages. Thank you to whoever replies
  13. Steroidify Rep

    ERROR 1106 from our site - If you're getting this, please read

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    I have tried my share of pre workouts over the years and this is by far one of the best I have ever tried. I know the owner personally and he is a good dude. So if your looking for a new Pre give this one a try...
  15. B

    Guide to Steroids - thought this would help many!

    Many years ago this chart helped me a great deal. Though I would share! steroid poster [ 3 ] (
  16. Presser

    Advices Radio Advices Radio Is Here With Forum As well

    Since this question was just asked about what podcasts everyone listens to, i thought i would share our latest sponsors link and forum link below! You guys can find tons of great podcasts and bodybuilding news, entertainment with one of our newest Sponsors :Advices Radio They also have their...
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