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So, i know this is a weird question lol, but im asking cause i think i might have broken some sort of world record for a man with now having gone without having sex for 10 MONTHS!

If you had of asked me in my 20's if going even a week without sex was possible i would have said fuck no!

Anyhow, i need t get laid
sex with another person - about a year.
rubbing one out myself - a couple of days.

Lol yeah thats a given! I will admit that my abstention from sex is by choice! I just dont have the time to date and hated it the few months i did last year.
I was on a deployment so I was forced to basically.

technically I did get to one time with my wife in the middle so maybe it doesn't count.
About 15 yrs, until my first piece.
I'm just coming off longest dry spell ever, over a year but at age 60 there isnt much out there and I refused to sleep w anything less than a 7.5, the one I have now is a ballerina all 102 lbs of her