French Supplement Founder and Fitness Guru Arrested During Steroid Bust In France

April 16, 2019
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French fitness guru Eric Favre and several others have been arrested on allegations of steroid trafficking and money laundering; which has stirred up a lot of chaos surrounding his involvement in the fitness industry. Favre owns his own company “Eric Favre” where he sells supplements and other products but now things are not looking good for his future in the industry.

But what really came as a disappointment was when many bodybuilders found out that the Eric Favre Festival Sport Sante was canceled. This is a French Pro qualifier, and now the athletes who battled through their tough contest prep routines are out of luck because of this whole incident and missed the chance to win a pro card.

Favre was the promoter for this show and there were 6 pro card opportunities for the bodybuilders who would be competing. But now, even the Pro league president Jim Manion will be among the people who missed out since he was scheduled to attend the show, and what could have been a big event for the masses has now ceased to exist.


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But the athletes only received a short letter apologizing for the inconvenience while offering a refund.

English Translation: “Hello, we are sorry to inform you that the event of this weekend will not be able to take place, for the reasons explained in the attached press release. We are currently studying repayment and / or compensation solutions and will keep you informed as soon as possible. We renew our sincere apologies for this inconvenience and put everything in work to limit the consequences.”

Now, there was a judicial inquiry opened in 2017 by the Lyon’s prosecutor’s office for “acquisition, possession, sale or offer and import of doping substances, execution of work hidden in organized gangs, abuse. of social goods, money laundering organized band, aggravated tax fraud and criminal conspiracy to prepare an offense punishable by 10 years imprisonment “.

And in 2016 the interception of illegal substances occurred in a Thailand airport and these drugs were in connection with Les Trois Chenes of which Favre founded, which brought about suspicion, and was a piece in the puzzle among others which led to his recent arrest.

But as of now, we cannot confirm whether or not Eric Favre has been charged over his alleged illegal drug trafficking activity until we receive further information on the case as it unfolds.

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