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Should The Vacuum Pose Be Mandatory In Bodybuilding Contests?

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Should The Vacuum Pose Be Mandatory In Bodybuilding Contests?

The debate if you want to call it that has simmered down over the last couple of weeks as to whether or not the vacuum pose should be a mandatory pose along with the poses Listed below. Most of the people I talk to say No,  its just a pose to hide your flaws. While a decent argument can be made on the other side of the debate stating its a sign of being in razor sharp shape.

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Bodybuilding Poses Every Pro Should Know About

Take posing out of the equation and bodybuilding wouldn’t be as glamorous anymore. When you think of a bodybuilder, chances are that a big muscular guy flexing his biceps comes to mind.

Bodybuilding shows wouldn’t exist if there was no posing. All-time greats like Arnold and Kai Greene took posing classes to show the best of their physiques on stage. If you’re planning on competing or want to impress people with your physique, you need to learn to pose.


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Poses Every Bodybuilder Should Know About

The posing round starts with the athletes standing while facing the judges. The athlete turns clockwise with every

pose until all the sides are done and he returns to the starting position.

Front Lat Spread

It all starts with the front lat spread on the stage. Although all the poses have a primary muscle (like the lats in this pose), you can’t undermine the importance of the other muscles.

The front lat spread shows the width of your lats from the front, thickness of the chest, shoulder width, front arm, and forearm size. Make sure you are focusing on flexing your legs and showing the separation and mass in your quadriceps, hams, and calves throughout the posing routine.

Front Double Bicep

The front double bicep is one of the most popular poses and is the second pose performed on stage. It shows off the mass, definition, and peak in your biceps. Symmetrical triceps and forearms can add to the size of your arms and give the illusion of bigger and fuller arms.

The front double bicep pose also entails showing your quad size and definition and your front calf musculature.

Side Chest

As you turn to your right, you will have to hit the side chest pose to display your chest size and thickness from either side. While posing on stage, you should rotate your body towards one side and then the other to give the judges and the audience a good view of your body.

Apart from the side chest, this pose will show your arm, forearm, shoulder, hams, quad sweep and calf muscle size and definition.

Rear Lat Spread

The rear lat spread will convey the width of your lats from the rear, the thickness of the trapezius muscle, the size of your arms from the rear, glute and hamstring development and separation and the rear calf musculature.

Rear Double Bicep

While your back is facing the judges, you hit the second pose which is the rear double bicep. This pose shows off your arm size and the biceps mass and peak from the rear. The rear double bicep also displays the separation of your shoulders and biceps.

The thickness and definition of your back muscles, including your trapezius, infraspinatus, teres major, latissimus dorsi are visible in their full glory in this pose. Your glute, hamstring, and calf development and separation are covered in the rear double bicep pose.

Side Triceps

The side tricep pose displays your triceps, especially the lateral head, from the side of your choice. This pose displays your chest size, side forearm development, thigh separation, and calf development from the side.

Abdominal and Thighs

The abdominal and thighs pose shows the development and separation in your external intercostals, serratus anterior, quadriceps muscles, and abs. This pose puts your entire frontal muscles including your arms, chest, shoulders, and calves on display. Most bodybuilders perform it by placing their hands behind their head and flexing their abs to show off the abs and obliques.

Favorite Most Muscular

The favorite most muscular is the favorite pose of most bodybuilders. The most muscular pose gives the bodybuilders the leverage to show the best of their physiques through the pose of their liking.

Many bodybuilders perform the pose with one hand placed on their thigh while the other is flexed across the body. The others perform the “crab version” of the pose by bringing their arms and hands together across the abdomen.

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Should The Vacuum Pose Be Mandatory?

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