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TB-500 The Healing peptide profile

TB-500 is the synthetic version of a powerful protein known as Thymosin Beta-4

TB-500 The Healing peptide profile.

TB-500 The Healing peptide profile is the synthetic version of a powerful protein known as Thymosin Beta-4. As such, TB-500 has potent healing properties that facilitate a speedy recovery from injuries. That’s why it’s commonly used in the animal racing world to improve performance and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

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  • 1 How TB-500 Works
  • 2 How To Use TB-500
  • 3 Recommended TB500 Dose
  • 4 Does TB-500 Have Side Effects?
  • 5 The Difference between TB-500 and BPC-157
  • 6 Where to Buy TB-500
  • 7 Conclusion

TB- 500 basically regulates the process through which actin builds cells in the body. Actin is a protein that plays a huge role in the formation of muscle cells and it works together with myosin to build metabolism and improve motion.


TB-500’s healing properties make sense when you consider the fact that actin is involved in the formation and action of most of your body’s cells. The powerful combination of these peptides has the ability to promote positive cell growth, speed up the healing process and encourage cell migration and proliferation. This translates to the build-up of good inflammation that actually aids in faster healing.

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TB-500 The Healing peptide profile is a very agile protein that can travel through the bloodstream faster than most of the other proteins. That’s because it has a low molecular weight and a unique molecular structure that makes it very versatile. This is part of what makes it so effective at targeting specific injuries, whether acute or chronic. Of course, it comes with added benefits too like reduced inflammation, better flexibility and even improved hair growth!

There’s also talk that TB-500 can help heal a common injury known as “athlete’s heart”, which as the name implies, affects a lot of athletes. The type of high-level activity that athletes go through can put a lot of strain on the heart so if these rumors are proven true it would be good news for the industry. However, research is still underway to fully establish the effects of TB-500 on ventricular hypertrophy which is another word for damaged heart tissue.

While TB-500 is not necessarily recognized as a prescription veterinary drug, the racehorse industry has found numerous uses for it. Most trainers give it to their horses in order to prevent injuries or muscular adhesions ahead of competitions. MedivetEquine reports that TB-500 has the ability to positively affect mammals of all sizes in positive ways.

This is best stacked with BPC-157 at 500-1000mcg a day (on an empty stomach)

BPC 157 and the proper dosing protocol. BPC is a peptide comprised of 15 amino acids originally developed as an anti ulcer agent and IBS treatment. In fact, the peptide is a fragment of a naturally-occurring gastric protein. It’s gained a lot of popularity though for its anti-inflammatory properties as a treatment for arthritis. 

One of its main mechanism of actions is ability to influence several growth factors involved in the production of new blood vessels. In mice studies, BPC has been found to increase rate of growth of fibroblasts(tendon cells) as well as improve collagen reformation rates, which may explain its healing benefits users are experiencing. 

There are also studies showing increased bone and tendon healing, via increases growth factor expression. As far as dosing, benefits can be seen from taking 250mcg-1000mcg a day for up to 4 weeks. Despite what people on forums say, the research suggests BPC works systemically. Some people insist on injecting at the site of injury, but I do not feel it’s needed, seeing as the drug can be injected subcutaneously or taken orally. The “healing stack” seems to be BPC with TB500, with TB used at 2.5mg 2x a week for 4 weeks, followed by 2.5mg every 2 weeks for maintenance.

Some of the benefits it offers include:

  • Helps to regenerate blood cells
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Helps to heal wounds faster than usual while reducing pain and tissue scarring
  • Has been shown to heal diabetes in dogs
  • Works at the cellular level to regenerate organs and heal wounds
  • Improves endurance by affecting stamina levels

In humans, TB-500 is taken in the form of an injection and has been used to speedily heal wounds and injuries that would otherwise take months to recover from. Some have even taken it as an intervention for chronic injuries that don’t want to go away.

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  1. Great stuff I'm actually about to use some myself maybe tonight.
    A buddy from another board is constantly looking for a good source on this stuff. He's hit me up a few times trying to get my stash lol shit is basically a must have on hand in case of emergency flare ups

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