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    Exclamation Fitness - Bodybuilding - Video Rant

    So as most know we have added as Video Browser here at MuscleChemistry.com and As im pulling in Videos from Youtube and editing them and such, i obviously need to watch each video, and this is where my rant begins and ends.

    So if your going to post an educational type video and talk about types of supplements, steroids, sarms etc..and the sole purpose of this video is to give your review, or try educating people about said product, then for fucks sake keep your shirt on!

    Im sorry but unless the words "What The Fuck" or "God Damn" are the first thing to pop into someones head when they see you with your chicken chest out out, then keep your shirt on!

    Its like douchebags have taken over the video fitness industry lmao

    Now if your doing a video on show prep, posing, or training , then by all means no shirt required, and I get that!

    But searching for quality educational videos and reviews on everything we use in bodybuilding is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

    Sorry but i find it hard to beleive that some tool bag sitting at his moms kitchen table while everyones at work, thinks to himself, Im going to make a video today talking abut SARM ligandrol , or how to properly PCT, and i think im going to take my shirt off for no fucking reason whatsoever and record this peice of shit and put it out to the masses. lmao

    Maybe im just not getting this younger generation, but one thing i know for sure, a tool bag is a tool bag and that withstands the test time , regardless of generation.

    I literally get embarressed for these peple lol, and I dont know why anyone would record themseleves talking about anything with no shirt on.

    I wont post examples, as it would only make our brand look like a bunch of tools , lmao but im sure youve seen these idiots.

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    Amen, brutha!
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