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Thread: Is It Worth It?

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    Default Is It Worth It?

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    SARM Rad 140 , testolone, sarm s23, Ligandrol, Andarine, Ostarine, Cardarine
    For those of you who have used gear, has it been worth it?

    I started with test, like most of us would advise. I loved the results. I gained 30 pounds pretty easily. Tried a few stacks with Deca, Dbol, EQ, etc. and gained a bit more. I started getting some sides like acne, gyno knots, etc. but nothing serious.

    I finally found a doctor who would put me on testosterone, so I switched to that. Honestly the side effects have been just as bad, but at least I have someone to help me monitor them.

    Basically, I just love the feeling of being "on". I've never regretted using. I really just wish I felt safer about using more, because I basically topped out at 200 pounds and would have loved to see what 220 or 240 felt like.

    What are your experiences and overall feelings about the gear you've used?
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    As a woman, who's had a child, its always been a battle to lose that "pooch". No matter how much cardio I do or how many reps of anything I do... It just won't go away.
    So one day, Alpha introduces me to Anavar, tells me it'll help with my progress. While fully trusting him, I jump right in and take 5mg, twice a day.
    Let me tell you ... Not only the dreaded pooch is an near gone, I've toned up in places that make me look 10 years younger. I literally got carded to get liquor at a store that I was a pretty regular at... So that was a huge boost to the ego.
    So to answer your question, no I do not regret it. Granted I started small and used the safest anabolic available but I still would not go back on my decision.
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    Been on HRT for over 10 years and will never be without it. I have had different docs try different things but good old Test is by far the best. When I am not on, I feel like crap, no energy and feel like a zombie.
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    Don't know. Possibility that it caused my chronic kidney disease (the silent killer)
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    Definitely worth it for me. I was put on TRT at age 30 because my body wasn't making it. Having gained at my heaviest 217 from only being 130 lbs is pretty life changing though I'm normally around 205-210. Like Ox51, I'd love to see what 220-240 would be like, but I would never get that without some serious usage which to me would be too much. At 50 now, I look better than many guys much younger than myself. Am I healthier? In some respects, yes, but with age comes other things so in the end, I think it all gets balanced out.
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