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    Default This Weeks Premier Pharmaceutical & Muscle Thredz 6 Prize Lottery Winner Was.......

    The winning numbers to the official New Jersey Pick 3 Lottery Evening Drawing on August 8th: 9-7-7

    • No One Hit All 3 Numbers In perfect Sequence
    • No One Hit All 3 Numbers In Any Sequence
    • So We Move To Rule #3 Which Ensures A Winner Every Week by Way Of The Member With The Closest Numbers Numerically

    Congratulations To Member "DieselMatt" Who's Numbers Were: 9-7-4

    Please Private Message Me Your Shipping Information, Please Include Your Size For Your 3 Muscle Thredz Shirts

    I would like to personally thank Premier Pharmaceutical For Offering To Sponsor This Weeks Lottery Alongside Muscle Thredz!

    I can personally speak to as well as vouch for the quality of each and every single product made by Premier Pharmaceutical! I have used them all, and continue to do so!

    So Iencourage all MuscleChemistry Members to Check Them Out @ by Premier Pharmaceutical

    Premier Pharmaceutical Prizes:

    1 Vital Performance
    1 L-Carnitine RX
    1 BCAA RX

    C0-Sponsored by

    MuscleThredz Prizes:

    1. Free SAVAGE MuscleThredz t-shirt
    2. Free MuscleThredz V-neck t-shirt
    3. Free BRUTE MuscleThredz Muscle T-shirt

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    Author: Ben Presser
    Ph.D. P.E.D. Kinesiology
    Intramuscular Injection Certified

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    Bad ass ��

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