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    Default First MC IGF-1 lr3 Experience

    I just needed to give my first impressions of MC's IGF - 1 lr3.

    This is my first run with IGF and I am currently on the tail end of week 2. I am stacking it with my current cycle which is this:

    Test E 12 wks 500mg/wk
    Deca 10 wks 400mg/wk
    Dbol wks 1-6 30mg/ED

    All necessary and "just in case" PCT and others on hand.

    First off, this my first cycle in quite a long time. I am familiar with these compounds from previous experience and after months of research, settled on this stack as I had a good idea what to expect. All is going great so far.

    That said, being unfamiliar with IGF I feel I can confidently provide a review mid-cycle on how it has affected me up to this point, which again is nearing the end of week 2.

    IGF has been amazing so far! I'll list what I have experienced. I'm running it as follows along with the compounds listed above:

    MC IGF 60mcg ED: injected bi-laterally IM into various muscles. (i.e. each bicep, each delt, each glute same day) This will run 8 weeks, as that is what I have on hand.

    The results are apparent and phenomenal. With each group I apply IGF, the training for that day has provided solid pumps and obvious change in each muscles' stature.

    Running primarily longer esters, I know the best early results of those specific coumpounds combined will not become obvious quite yet.

    The IGF has taken hold early and it's a giant head start for this cycle type - my bicep pumps are intense and they have already grown considerably. My glutes - hey, I'm a flat ass. It's nature for me. But my glutes are actually growing. After a hair under 2 weeks. For me, that alone is a grand achievement!

    Everything has improved greatly. I have been curious about IGF for several years and after getting my body and mind back to where it needed to be in order to run something like this, I am stoked that I added it. It's given me a confidence boost on top of everything else it has provided thus far.

    I'll try to update this as the days and weeks pass. Looking forward to what comes next. Cheers to all!

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    Sounds like you got a great start!! Can't wait to hear your updates.

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