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Thread: Iím disappointed thus far with Sarms Warehouse Cardarine & Ligandrol

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    Default Iím disappointed thus far with Sarms Warehouse Cardarine & Ligandrol

    Sarms warehouse feedback:
    I went ahead and ordered 2 bottles of each Lingandrol and Cardarine. Both shipped in reasonable time however no lab test results were provided, yet it sounds like they used to do this (perhaps they no longer test, maybe new product/owners, but this was a red flag for me). The droppers are not marked so you have no idea how much you are actually dosing. I emailed them asking how I would know the dosing, especially for Lingandrol since weíre talking small incriments- 5,8,10mgs. No reply to my question. I also asked if sublingual is OK since I can tolerate the taste, again no reply. I still do sub lingual and have no burning sensation as Iíve read online. I hope this is not a sign of a poor product or low purity.
    I then ordered 1ml droppers from Amazon, super cheap and worth it imo. I was surprised how easy it is to over or under fill the dropper, so for those of you not using a marked dropper it will be impossible to dose correctly from what Iíve seen.
    Iím using 10mg/day Lingandrol and 20mg/day Cardarine. Iím 2 weeks in and havenít noticed much difference, Iím an avid crossfitter so I assume both the supposed strength + metabolic benefits should become evident soon. I will report back after the full 8 weeks. My immediate assumption is that Iím squirting something in my mouth of which has low, if any actual SARMs. This of course is a major concern since I donít know what they are giving me and am taking a risk putting this stuff in my body for the expected benefit. If anyone has recently ordered and has had a better experience I would love to hear it to put my fears at rest.
    Iíll say Iím disappointed thus far with Sarms Warehouse based on my experience to date. I definitely question the quality of their product and service. Sarms1 does dosed capsules now but for the prices they charge one could easily see an HRT doc and get an Anavar cycle (or 2) for less coin.
    Follow up post in 4-6 weeks

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    Sounds sketch. It's all about those lab results, straight up.

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