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16-Year-Old Yaw Parbey (74KG) Deadlifts 320 Kilograms (705 Pounds) In Training

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British powerlifter Yaw Parbey is a 16-year-old strength phenom. Competing in the Sub-Junior 74KG class, Parbey has competed in four sanctioned meets since beginning his young competitive career in January 2021. According to Open Powerlifting, he won three of those four meets.

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Parbey’s trajectory seems on track for the moon, however, as he has recently shared some incredible training lifts on social media, the highlight of which was a 320-kilogram (705-pound) sumo deadlift. Check out the lift below, followed by a detailed breakdown of its significance:

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Parbey utilized lifting straps and a weight belt for the lift, so it was not a raw deadlift. He positioned the lifting belt much higher on his torso than most lifters; the belt was around his mid-back rather than his lower back. He used an overhand grip to lock out the barbell.

Parbey’s lift suggests that once his grip strength is sufficient to hold the weight without straps, a pull of 320 kilograms would be a staggering 46.5 kilograms over the current IPF Sub-Junior raw world record of 273.5 kilograms, held by Hu Yu-Sung of Chinese Taipei since 2007.

Per Open Powerlifting, the all-time world record raw deadlift at 74KG in the Teen 16-17 division is Caden Turner’s 317.5-kilogram lift from the 2023 USPA Drug Tested Legends of the Pit. Parbey’s training PR exceeded that by 2.5 kilograms.

While Parbey’s training must continue to achieve such a massive deadlift without straps, it is safe to say the reigning British Junior Powerlifting Champion has a blindingly bright future ahead.

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