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2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup Results

Yamamoto Pro 2021 Results Nathan De Asha

Nathan De Asha wins Men’s Open at the 2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup.

The 2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup took place over the weekend and Nathan De Asha took home the title in Men’s Open. Some of the major competitors in the world gathered to San Marino to compete for yet another championship.

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Nathan De Ashahas had difficulty getting back on stage on a consistent basis. He won the Europa Pro this year and this earned him qualification for the Olympia. De Asha was forced to miss the biggest competition of the year due to issues with travel. Just one week later, De Asha took the stage in San Marino and was a huge name to watch entering the competition.

De Asha faced off with Roelly Winklaar once again. This is the duo that headlined the Europa Pro and it was De Asha who was able to come out on top. Winklaar will be back on stage after lacing 11th in the Olympia last week. He was forced to miss the Arnold Classic with an injury and he is still trying to get back on track. Tim Budesheim and Andrea Presti also entered the weekend as dark-horse contenders to win the title.

Budesheim finished third at the Europa Pro and went toe-to-toe with both De Asha and Winklaar. He does not have a victory this year but continues to be a strong competitor who has a lot of potential. Budesheim notched another top-three finish at the Mr. Big Evolution Pro.

Luca Biolo made an appearance in Orlando in the Men’s Physique division. He quickly returned to stage as well in San Marino. He was viewed as a competitor who could make a huge impact in this division over the weekend.

The full results have now been announced. Check out our full breakdown of the 2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup results below.

2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup: All Division Winners

  • Men’s Open: Nathan De Asha
  • Men’s Physique: Brandon Hendrickson

2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup Breakdown

Men’s Open

  • First Place – Nathan De Asha ($20,000)
  • Second Place – Roelly Winklaar ($10,000)
  • Third Place – Samson Dauda ($5,000)
  • Fourth Place – Andrea Presti ($4,000)
  • Fifth Place – Theo Leguerrier ($2,000)

Men’s Physique

  • First Place – Brandon Hendrickson
  • Second Place – Ricardo Croci
  • Third Place – Balint Nemeth
  • Fourth Place – Emile Walker
  • Fifth Place – Jeffrey Darko

2021 Yamamoto Pro Official Scorecards

Yamamoto Pro 2021 Men's Physique Scorecard

Yamamoto Pro 2021 Men's Open Scorecard

Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2021 Yamamoto Pro Cup. For more news and updates, follow Generation Iron on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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