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2023 Pharlabs Battle Bogota Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Bogota, Colombia, served as the host city to the 2023 Pharlabs Battle Bogota Pro show on the weekend of Nov. 18-19, 2023. The event was headlined by IFBB Pro League Classic Physique and Wellness division contests, with 2024 Olympia qualifications issued to the winners if they weren’t already qualified going into the show.

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Mike Sommerfeld triumphed in Classic Physique, and Sandra Colorado Acal claimed gold in Wellness. Both champions were the clear winners in the eyes of the judges.

2023 Pharlabs Battle Bogota Pro Results

The full results from both contests are below, courtesy of the IFBB Pro League website:

Classic Physique

  1. Mike Sommerfeld (Germany)
  2. Jean Carlos Guerrero (Colombia)
  3. Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Iglesias (Colombia)
  4. Eric Wildberger Lisboa (Brazil)
  5. Julian Castano (Colombia)
  6. Camilo Diaz (Colombia)
  7. Julio Cesar Perez Amarilla (Paraguay)
  8. Martin Bueno (Colombia)
  9. Luis Ricardo Plata Duran (Colombia)


  1. Sandra Colorado Acal (Spain)
  2. Yuridia Berenice Morales Jaimes (Mexico)
  3. Karol Dahiana Borrero Polacios (Mexico)
  4. Lexy Oliver (Italy)
  5. Alondra Granados Vargas (Mexico)
  6. Nicolette Burns (USA)

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Classic Physique Winner — Mike Sommerfeld

Sommerfeld was coming off an eighth-place finish at the 2023 Classic Physique Olympia. That means he had to win a pro show to qualify for the 2024 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, on Oct. 10-13, 2024. His third career pro show victory came in the form of unanimous first-place votes in this single-round contest.

This win qualified Sommerfeld for the Olympia for the fourth consecutive year. Jean Carlos Guerrero represented the host country well with a silver-medal performance, and Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Iglesias rounded out the top three. 

Wellness Winner — Sandra Colorado Acal

This pro show originally had three Wellness contestants on the roster, but three additional late entries made the trip to South America. One of those was Acal, whose experience and superb conditioning led her to an easy win in this event. She scored a third-place finish in the 2023 Romania Muscle Fest Pro one week prior to this contest, as well as an eighth-place overall rank at the 2023 Wellness Olympia. This win locks her in for the 2024 Olympia.

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Featured Image: @sandra.colorado.ifbbpro on Instagram

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