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2024 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships Women’s Preview

In March 2023, strength sports manufacturer SBD Apparel launched their first International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) champion of champions meet — the Sheffield Powerlifting Championships (Sheffield). Twenty-four elite powerlifters from around the world competed for cash prizes, world records, and the cachet of being the inaugural Sheffield winners.

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In 2023, New Zealand’s Evie Corrigan took the top spot on the women’s side and raised the very first Sheffield trophy. She broke the IPF world records in deadlift and total and walked away with a cool £30,000 (~$37,776.90) in prize money. She also won her spot at Sheffield 2024 as returning champion.

Corrigan will be joined at 2024 Sheffield by 11 other female athletes. Every total world record holder and every 2023 world champion will compete at this event.

The 2024 Sheffield can be watched via the live stream on the SBD Apparel YouTube channel.

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Image via @beeevie on Instagram

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2024 Sheffield Championships Roster

Take a look at the star-studded roster below:

  • Tiffany Chapon (France) — three-time world champion in the 47-kilogram class
  • Natalie Richards (USA) — 2023 world champion in the 57-kilogram class
  • Amanda Lawrence (USA) — four-time world champion in the 84-kilogram class
  • Carola Garra (Italy) — four-time world champion, classic and equipped, World Games gold medallist 
  • Jade Jacob (France) — deadlift world record holder in the 57-kilogram class
  • Brittany Schlater (Canada) — two-time world champion in the +84-kilogram class
  • Sonita Muluh (Belgium) — squat world record holder in the +84-kilogram class
  • Lya Bavoil (France) — two-time world champion and highest-ranked classic female in IPF
  • Karlina Tongotea (New Zealand) — 2023 world champion in the 76-kilogram class
  • Agata Sitko (Poland) — 2021 equipped world champion and World Games gold medallist
  • Evie Corrigan (New Zealand) — 2023 world champion in the 52-kilogram class
  • Noémie Allabert (France) — two-time world champion in the 52-kilogram class

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Image via @sbdsheffield on Instagram

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2024 Sheffield Championships Prize Purse

The women at Sheffield have equal billing to the men and equal prize money too. The athletes will be scored on the proportion of the total world record in their weight class. Here’s how the prize money breaks down:

  • First Place: £25,000 (~$31,480.75)
  • Second Place: £12,500 (~$15,740.37)
  • Third Place: £7,500 (~$9,444.22)
  • Fourth Place: £6,000 (~$7555.38)
  • Fifth Place: £4,000 (~$5,036.92)
  • Sixth Place: £2,000 (~$2,518.46
  • Seventh Place: £1,750 (~$2,203.65)
  • Eighth Place: £1,500 (~$1,888.84)
  • Ninth Place: £1,250 (~$1,574.04)
  • 10th Place: £1,000 (~$1,259.23)

Competitors will win a £5,000 bonus for any IPF Open world record broken in the squat, bench press, deadlift, or total. That’s a potential £45,000 prize purse for anyone who can earn the top spot and break all the records along the way.

Corrigan is widely expected to be in the mix for the win. However, she has some fierce competition, not least from the three athletes in the 69-kilogram class — Garra, Sitko, and Bavoil. The latter three have not met on the platform before. Garra moved up from the 63-kilogram class, and Sitko moved down from the 76-kilogram class.

The 69-kilogram class was created in 2021 and, arguably, has the weakest total world record. In fact, at 549 kilograms (1,210 pounds), it is 8.5 kilograms (19 pounds) lower than Garra’s total world record in the class below. All three 69-kilogram lifters are expected to break this record by a significant amount. The 69-kilogram battle could have wider ramifications for the entire contest.

Every single competitor has the potential to break a total world record at this event, but by how much? Find out on Feb. 10, 2024, on the SBD Apparel YouTube channel.

Featured image: @beeevie on Instagram

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