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2024 Will Be Breon Ansley’s Final Year In Classic Physique

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In March 2024, two-time Classic Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley showcased his physique at the 2024 Arnold Classic in Ohio, where he ranked fourth overall. Two weeks later, he competed to a runner-up at the 2024 Arnold Classic UK.

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Ansley shared how he is utilizing judges’ feedback and why he plans to switch to the 212 division in 2025 in a video published on his YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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Ansley’s Thoughts on Arnold Classic

Ansley reflected on his journey the 2024 Arnold Classic, where he aimed for another victory similar to his triumph at the Arnold Classic in 2018. Ansley feels he presented one of his best physiques to date, surpassing the version that clinched him the 2018 title. He highlighted his narrow waist as a standout feature.

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Ansley achieved his refined waistline by addressing digestive issues, which had been exacerbated by pre-workout powders and similar supplements, which led to acid reflux and inflammation. Eliminating those things from his regimen during the pre-season marked a significant improvement.

Despite the dietary adjustements, Ansley finished fourth in Columbus, OH, attributing the rank to the Classic Physique division’s evolving standards, which favor taller competitors with specific conditioning. Per the judge’s feedback, Ansley needs to achieve a fuller look for future competitions.

While Ansley concurs with the judges’ opinions, he outlined why a taller athlete will make their weight advantage more apparent.

“I probably agree with the judges, that if I’m 190 pounds on stage, then a taller guy at 230, 240, [or] 245 is going to look considerably bigger than me,” says Ansley. “He has a lot bigger structure and a lot more muscle, and the eyes are going to be drawn to the taller guy.” 

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Ansley’s 2024 Arnold UK Analysis

Ansley reveals he entered the 2024 Arnold Classic UK at 194 pounds, nearly 10 pounds heavier than his weight the Ohio competition. This significant weight increase contributed to his impressive second-place finish.

Despite preferring his physique at the Arnold Classic US, Ansley admits that the closer timing of the two events necessitated some compromises in his conditioning. Specifically, he mentions a slight decline in his glutes and lower back conditioning for the UK event. However, he believes his enhanced muscularity and density suit the UK show’s requirements more favorably.

Ansley’s Plans for the Future 

Consequently, Ansley decided to adopt a more comprehensive approach to his competitions throughout the year. Ansley intends to participate in a minimum of three events in addition to the Olympia this year.

Best believe the rest of this year as I compete, it’s going to be a fuller look…no matter what [or] who I’m up against.

Ansley announced 2024 will be his final year in the Classic Physique division. He attributes his departure to a difference in perspective regarding what the Classic Physique division represents. Ansley believes judges tend to favor taller competitors’ shape and structure and that density, conditioning, details, lines, symmetry, balance, and flow, are somewhat secondary.

Ansley believes the additional allotted weight at his height in the 212 division will allow him to add the high-quality muscle mass needed to score the top spot at the Olympia.

“If I’m on stage at 190-four, five, [or] six pounds with Classic, then with three to five pounds of extra tissue, I’ll be on stage at around…204, 205, [or] 206 [pounds],” said Ansley. “That’s just around six to seven pounds away from the cap, so that puts it all in perspective, and those are the plans.”

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