2024 World’s Strongest Firefighter Competition Preview

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February 22, 2024
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The 2024 World’s Strongest Firefighter strongman and strongwoman competitions will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH, as a part of the Arnold Sports Festival on the weekend of Mar. 1-3, 2024.

Over 120 firefighters from around the world will gather to compete across five different divisions. The top 10 finishers in the Men’s Open and the top two in the Men’s Middleweights and Women’s divisions will advance to the Finals to crown the 2024 champion. The previous four champions of this contest are:

  • 2019: Tim Scott (CAL FIRE, California)
  • 2020: Ben Gallaher (Kern County, Calif.)
  • 2022: Daniel Camacho (Phoenix, Ariz.)
  • 2023: Andrew Burton (Rockwell, Texas)

This larger lineup and division increase is a new change, but organizer Noah Justin shared that it was necessary because of athletes’ increased participation demand. Justin expressed these adjustments make sense as they better represent what someone would see in an actual fire department.

“If you were to walk in a fire department in many towns and cities, you would see men and women — all of which have to be strong and fit to perform their duties, which are vital to their communities,” said Justin. “As Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “They are the real heroes.” So, we want to provide the platform for them to showcase their abilities.”

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2024 World’s Strongest Firefighter Rosters

The rosters for all five divisions are below, with names in alphabetical order:

Women’s Under 72KG

  • Stacy Aguirrebarrena
  • Parker Ashworth
  • Anne Butters
  • Sophia Cooley
  • Natalie Cooper
  • Alaynea Decker
  • Julianne Durante
  • Samantha Hamilton
  • Laura Moran
  • Megan Prato
  • Taryn Rooney
  • Rosanna Silbaugh
  • Stephanie Waugh
  • Wendi Wentzell

Women’s Over 72KG

  • Jennifer Ashe
  • Abigail Buday
  • Alexandra Castellanos
  • Samantha Hamilton
  • Kelly Lamb
  • Meryah Wilson

Men’s Middleweight Under 90KG

  • Anthony Esteves
  • Ivann Falcon
  • Alexander Galarza
  • Robert Garcia
  • Joel Hensley
  • Chen Junyang
  • Noah Keller
  • Mark Lane
  • John Lloyd
  • Alfred Munoz
  • Edward Mussi
  • Luis Saldana
  • Tyler Scott
  • Liam Shiels
  • James White

Men’s Middleweight Under 105KG

  • Colton Adams
  • Mike Anderson
  • Frank Boniello
  • Ben Brandon
  • Thomas Bradley
  • Kevin Carroll, Jr
  • Jerry Castillo
  • Steven Dent
  • Joshua Dunmire
  • Dave Dunn
  • Paul Emmick
  • Cory Fain
  • Colin Fay
  • Adam Hetterle
  • Martin Horký
  • Codey Kimble
  • Nick Knull
  • Guerrero Lopez
  • Kevin Manson
  • Eliezio Marchezi
  • Joe McGhee
  • Cody Monger
  • Edwardo Morales
  • Tyler Muniz
  • Anthony Muzquiz
  • Christopher Northern
  • Ben Pace
  • Jan Pipiš
  • Jacob Powell
  • Justin Ray
  • Aaron Rich
  • Logan Sad
  • Gregory Van Mierlo
  • Charles Voorhees
  • Harry Walker
  • Taygen Watson
  • Brian Weber
  • Stephen Weldon
  • Dylan West
  • Chris Wickiser
  • Andrew Young
  • David Jeremiah Young

Men’s Open

  • Jordan Barr
  • Seth Bowen
  • Przemyslaw Brzoza
  • Daniel Cave
  • Robert Coleman
  • Michael Ebanks
  • Jeffrey Elian
  • Alek Escobedo
  • Ryan Fincham
  • Sevin Franck
  • Justin Grigg
  • Zackary Hash
  • William Hegedus
  • Cornelius Henderson
  • Marc Hernandez
  • Patrick-Michel Houle
  • Sawyer Kemp
  • Scotty Keyser
  • Olivier de Launière
  • George Lusito
  • Adam MacDonnell
  • Corey Makowski
  • Jason Marvin
  • Kevin Matthews
  • Michael McGowan
  • Cathal McNally
  • Nathan Millsaps
  • Andrew Morales
  • Christopher Mount
  • Sonny Murphy
  • Kevin Ramsey
  • Chris Rios
  • Louis Sciaqua
  • Robert Seggel
  • Casey Shoe
  • Henry Spencer
  • Cameron St. Amand
  • Matt Staker
  • Panayiotis Stavropoulos
  • Brady Sterchi
  • Marc Taylor
  • Joseph Voiles
  • Christopher Wallace
  • Marcus Waugh
  • Caleb Woodall
  • Charles Woodford

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Event Schedule

Events will occur throughout the first two days of competition to determine who will advance to the finals. The schedule for each of these events is below:

Friday, March 1, 2024 – Preliminary Events

Saturday, March 2, 2024 – Finals

How to Watch

The competition is being produced in partnership with Strongman Corporation. The finals of this competition will be streamed live for fans to watch free of charge on the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival live stream. 

This weekend-long event also serves as a fundraiser to benefit the Santa Monica Firefighters Relief Fund, CAL FIRE Benevolent Foundation, and the Columbus Firefighters Foundation. More information and updates about the 2024 World’s Strongest Firefighter contest are available on their Instagram page @asfworldsstrongestfirefighter.

Featured Image: @asfworldsstrongestfirefighter on Instagram

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