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Arash Rahbar: A Lot Of Old School Training Tactics For Building Massive Muscle Are False

Arash Rahbar talks about modern advances in science that have proven old school bodybuilding tactics as unnecessary.

In his younger years, Arash Rahbar used to train like Dorian Yates. He doesn’t do that anymore. He now has developed his own unique style of training that works for him. That’s due in one part to his age. But it’s also due to advances in science throughout the decades that have retooled what is most effective for building muscle. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Arash Rahbar explains how many old school methods of building muscle have been proven false by science.

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Arash Rahbar respects Dorian Yates as one of his favorite bodybuilders of all time. He’s the bodybuilder that Arash emulated his training after during his early years of training. But no matter how much he respects Dorian, he understands that it’s not smart to train like him consistently in the longterm. There’s a reason why Dorian Yates retired at such a young age. There’s a reason why someone like Ronnie Coleman has so many back problems today.

Arash Rahbar wants the younger generation to understand something. While it’s important to revere the legends of bodybuilding, it’s also important to look towards the future. There’s no doubt that athletes like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman are physiques to aspire to. But their tactics aren’t necessarily the only thing that made them the legends they are today.

Arash points out how much science has discovered what really works for building muscle. How small reps and heavy weight are not necessary to build massive hard and power muscle. It can be done in alternative ways without sacrificing any quality. Many young bodybuilders are hesitant to believe this.

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Watch our latest GI Exclusive segment with Arash Rahbar above!

Yes, there are some small different details (that can matter) between lifting heavy vs lifting light. That’s why Arash Rahbar recommends that people do a hybrid training method. Train half like Dorian Yates and half like Lee Haney. Mix heavy weight with low volume combined with light weight and high volume.

Arash Rahbar worries that too many young bodybuilders burn out or get injured due to going hardcore in the gym every single session. The inspiration of old school bodybuilders is so strong. It can feel like if you don’t train like them, you’re not doing it right. Or perhaps you’re not good enough to be a champion.

This isn’t true. Arash Rahbar wants people to know that. Looking at bodybuilders like Dexter Jackson and Lee Haney prove that. You can be a legend and maintain a longer bodybuilding career if you play it smart. Use science to your advantage.

You can watch Arash Rahbar go into much more detail about training tactics in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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