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Atilis Gym Takes On New Jersey's City Council and Slimy Governor Murphy

Fighting, Fined and Fed Up!

Couple quick notes before I begin…I too am a born and bred New Jersey Resident with zero ties to Atilis Gym outside the everyday mutual respect most fitness enthusiast have for one another. If you live in Jersey and you workout, then you know there is not a single place to train statewide! Governor Murphy is PURPOSELY STRANGLING THE FITNESS INDUSTRY!

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I can’t speak to Atilis Gym earnings, but what i can tell you is those of us in the fitness industry make the bulk of our yearly earnings  January Through May. Sadly as of writing this (August 21st 2020) we are all still shutdown in New Jersey due to the corona virus (covid-19). It is my understanding that Atilis Gym has been fined over $130,000 thus far.

I am asking all MuscleChemistry Members to PLEASE Show your support however and wherever you can, be that signing the petition to get their business license back and/or donating towards their fines!  Links to donate money to their gofund me below:

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This fund will be for the defense of Atilis Gym Bellmawr members as well as staff and volunteers.Money will also be utilized to pay the bills for the months we have been closed due to the COVID pandemic. A few of the members, along with owners Frank and Ian were served with summons throughout the week. The Atilis Bellmawr Attorney Kevin Barry will be representing all of our staff and members who incur any charges. This fund is to support the efforts to reopen and stay open, as well as assist in any financial hardships the staff or members endure due to the shutdown. From the bottom of our hearts we thank every one of you for supporting us through this tough time- and we are thankful for any funds donated to us. All money not used will be donated to other businesses who have been fined for reopening.


You can help by signing a petition to reinstate their Business License through the link I pulled from their Official Instagram Page:

Help support @iansmithfitness and everyone who works at @atilisgymbellmawr with getting the business license back. The city council voted aa few days ago 5-1 to pull it. They also DID NOT go through the proper legal process to do so. So BOTH OFFICIALLY AND LEGALLY it has not been revoked. But the city officials do not care about the law or small businesses that actually help stimulate the local economy.Here’s the link to copy and paste via my @parler_app profile.


NJ Gym Owners Plan to 'Make a Stand,' Defy Gov. Murphy and Reopen ...
NJ Gym Owners Plan to ‘Make a Stand,’ Defy Gov. Murphy and Reopen …
  1. Well Tomorrow New Jersey Gyms Are Finally Allowed to Open but only at 25% Capacity lmao
    As for Atlilas Gym From this article, I think theyre not allowed to open up with everyone else due to having their Business License Pulled for defying The State.
    I hope things have changed and theyre allowed to open with everyone else

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