Bodybuilding Benefits Of CBD Oil 

Bodybuilding Benefits Of CBD Oil 


Most people seek to build muscle when working out, as well as to develop stamina and tone up. This is best for the highest level of both mental and physical fitness.

However, working out is not easy and you may find yourself having to jump through a few hoops just to survive one work out session and still come back the next day.

While some are equipped with the discipline, for the majority it is pretty easy to talk themselves out of it.

To build muscle, you may opt to use supplements. Supplements are not to completely take over the course but just to help things along.

Anabolic supplements help build muscle. They increase the production of anabolic hormones, which are useful in protein synthesis.

Muscle is grown faster this way as well as the loss of fat. The reason for this is the need for an anti-catabolic agent.


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This is a supplement that reduces the production of catabolic hormones. These hormones are responsible for rapid muscle and strength loss.

These supplements can easily impair renal function among other physiological processes.

Then what should be done?

The answer is to get a natural anti-catabolic supplement. One that will not come with side effects and more problems than the muscles are worth.

CBD has anti-catabolic properties that will help along in the quest for a more toned body. The body homeostasis maintained by CBD ensures the nitrogen levels are optimal which is integral to formation of muscle mass.

Before including CBD in your wellness regimen, ensure to test it out first.

While fatal side-effects have not been reported, you can never be too careful.

Take CBD and listen to your body for a minimum of twenty-four hours, and ensure there are no adverse effects being felt.

You do not want to experience a weird side-effect while on the treadmill. While at it, establish a baseline dosage.

Start with the lowest possible dose especially if you are a newbie. It’s important for you to start slow. The first time you take CBD before a work out, take it easy, and listen to your body.

Why You Need CBD for Your Work Outs


The Cortisol Angle

Cortisol is the stress hormone, which hinders muscle growth in your body. CBD reduces the amount of cortisol in your body so that the workouts can work better.

You are able to notice more of a difference than if the stress levels are left to soar.

CBD activates the 5-HT1A receptor, which is responsible for production of serotonin. This regulates your anxiety, stress, and mood before a work out.

In this respect, kick the caffeine. Caffeine is a great contributor to the production of cortisol, and cortisol is the thing you are trying to flush out of your system.

Going for the very thing that will cause decreased production is a bit counterproductive, right?

The Focus Angle

Working out is focus-centric activity, you must have your head in the game or injuries will happen.

Regardless of what you are doing, whether it is a jog or lifting weights, if your head is busy calculating the monthly budget then you will not benefit much from the work.

You would better to just stay home and sleep in a bit.

CBD promotes anandamide and adenosine action, these two elements will push along the focus angle.

You will be able to get into the exercise state of mind quicker than without the use of CBD. Distractions will be kept at bay during the session ensuring you reap the maximum benefit from each workout.

With CBD, you will develop mental energy, which is paramount to every work out session.

Without the mental preparedness and enthusiasm for a work out, inflammation levels are bound to blow through the roof.

Your mind will then relate working out to extreme pain and then you will look forward to it less and less until you completely loath it.

The Energy Angle


Energy is expended during a workout, so there is need to replenish it.

If your energy runs out in the middle of the work out every time, you should look into a way to develop a reserve you can tap into so that you power through every time.

CBD regulates blood sugar levels, resulting in less insulin being produced. Less insulin in your blood means that less glucose is turned into fat.

One is left with lots of glucose to use for energy in this case. For this effect, you should consume the CBD before a work out so that the process is already in motion as the work out starts.

With a constant supply of energy, you will even be able to add more time to the session for more workouts.

The Endurance Angle

Sometimes you are unable to keep going, not because of lack of energy but because the burn got too hot.

You will experience pure unadulterated pain through the session but at some point, it will be simply intolerable.

You can take pain pills or you could stop and try again tomorrow. Both of these have severe implications.

Pain pills can be extremely addictive, and stopping ensures that the next day will not happen because you will be too sore to move.

CBD does two things in this respect. The first is activation of the TRPV1 (Vanilloid) receptor, which regulates inflammation and sensitivity to pain. This is how CBD derives its anti-inflammatory properties.

Through this, you will feel less pain, but you will still be in pain so don’t think CBD will completely free you of pain.

You will just be able to tolerate it better and endure through it.

The second avenue is through blocking of the GPR5 receptor. This receptor controls nociception. Nociception is the neural reaction to harmful stimuli, and it comes in the form of pain.

Thus, CBD’s anti nociceptive properties.

The Work Out Format Angle

Routine is fine. You and your body know what to do, how to do it and could do it with one eye closed.

Fine, this is all dandy. However, variety is the spice of life and it’s also the only way you can discover exercise regimens that work better and are more enjoyable.

With CBD, you will not be afraid to push yourself too far. You will be ready and willing to take on new and scary challenges.

If anything to mix things up and make it interesting. Your brain will also be more creative in developing the work out design.

You will come up with exercises off the top of the head and enjoy a little off the beaten path activities.

The Feeding Angle


You know that visceral hunger you experience after sweating it out? Where you just want to hog out and never stop stuffing your mouth.

It would not make sense to work out then go ahead and ruin your body but in that moment, you can think of nothing but food.

Greasy unhealthy food to make your heart sing and cholesterol skyrocket.

CBD through the cannabinoid receptors helps regulate the hunger-reward mechanism.

This is a mechanism that equates food to pleasure and therefore induces cravings for some very deliciously harmful snacks.

In fact, obesity is caused by a malfunction in this mechanism for the most part. With CBD, you will not have the nagging urge to eat more than you should.

CBD Products: When to Use What

Before Work Out

Before a work out, you should eat something and the most preferable thing to have is a carb and some protein.

You should eat about one hour before so that the food can start to digest as your work out begins.

Eating before ensures that you have enough fuel to power through the session. Remember the glucose-energy conversation above? Most of that food will be made available for energy.

Thus, the need for CBD to help keep insulin low in your body. This can be done by infusing some oil or a tincture in the snack.

There are also energy bars you can have before the work out. Bars that have both the carb and protein requirements you need before exercising. Bars that also include the CBD provision.

During Work Out

Sweating can very easily and very quickly dehydrate you, so you need to stop a few times for a sip of water.

Ensure to only do a sip, as taking too much of it will cause what people normally call a stitch.

This is where the body functions direct efforts towards transporting the fluid instead of helping tolerate the exercise.

This is why discomfort is experienced, your body is not receiving enough support to work out.

Therefore, sip some water every fifteen minutes or you can go longer if you deem it fit. In addition, to ensure you do not need so much hydration you can take water prior to the work about 1 or 2 hours before.

CBD water is a recent entrant into the market. Most of the brands use a process called nanotechnology, which allows for instant bioavailability.

You will provide yourself with the benefits of CBD during your work out in an efficient and effective way!

After the Work Out

Of course, the aftermath will be riddled with pain and sore limbs, so you will need an effective way to remedy this.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD would go a long way in ensuring your body does not suffer too much after an intense work out.

You will also be ready for another session the next day.

In the same respect, you can get a CBD infused protein shake to replenish reserves after the work out.

There are CBD topicals like salves that you can use after a workout to abate the pain and muscle cramps.

You can even soak your aching muscles in CBD bath salts, plus you will enjoy a better quality of sleep in the evening.

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