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Brian Shaw Trains Back With Nick Best at Flex Lewis’ Dragon’s Lair Gym

Brian Shaw and Nick Best joined forces for some back training at Flex Lewis’ Dragon’s Lair Gym.

Brian Shaw and Nick Best put in some back training at the Dragon’s Lair, the Las Vegas mega gym owned by Flex Lewis. The two put in some serious work as they hoped to build some solid lats.

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Getting some legit training in for high level strength athletes can prove difficult some times. A bodybuilder, powerlifter, or strongman can’t simply hope to waltz into any regular gym and put in the kind of work needed. There are only some gyms suited for the task. The Las Vegas based Dragon’s Lair Gym owned by none other than former 212 Olympia kingpin Flex Lewis.

Strongmen At The Dragon’s Lair Gym

A facility built for the hardcore lifter, the Dragon’s Lair gym has all the amenities needed for a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and strongman. It’s a gym that can is a haven for those serious about building muscle and strength. That’s exactly why strongman competitor and powerlifter Nick Best and former World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw found themselves training at the Dragon’s Lair.

It has been great hanging out with and filming some content with @nickbeststrongman the last couple days!

Excited to show you guys what we did! Videos will be coming to YouTube soon!

Brian Shaw and Nick Best joined forces to put in some back training at the Dragon’s Lair. The two filmed their session for their YouTube channels.

The BACK DAY @shawstrength and I did at @flex_lewis gym @the_dragons_lair is up on Shawstrength YouTube page.

To see their full back training take a look below.

What do you think of Brian Shaw, Nick Best, and Flex Lewis’ Dragon’s Lair Gym?

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