Building Muscle Mass Using Steroids Equipoise and Dianabol

September 2, 2018
7 min read

Equipoise Boldenone and Dianabol Effective Steroid Combinations for Building Muscle Mass!

We’ve become a society that believes that more is always better. This appears to ring true with steroid use today. It’s now more common than ever to see men using upward of 1,000mg of testosterone per week. This doesn’t even take into account the other steroids, such as trenbolone or dianabol, that may be stacked with it. I walk through my gym every day and I see the result of this; young men in their 20’s and 30’s walking around with massive but bloated and unhealthy looking physiques. The visible excess water retention is a result of taking high doses of anabolic steroids. More than likely, there are a handful of other not so favorable side-effects occurring that the steroid users may not even be aware of. This could include elevated liver enzymes, kidney damage, and numerous cardiovascular issues. This is why the more is better concept should not apply when using anabolic steroids.

It’s become common thought today among steroid users that high doses must be taken in order to gain a substantial amount of muscle and strength. This is not the case. Several decades ago, bodybuilders were able to grow easily while taking just a fraction of what many gym rats take today. Back then, human growth hormone was not readily available, and there were fewer bodybuilding drugs overall to choose from. These bodybuilders knew how to combine certain steroids to get maximum results without having to use outrageous and health-damaging amounts. Certain anabolic steroids complement each other in such a way that when combined, they greatly amplify the muscle-building effects of each other. Because of this, certain steroids can be combined at lower doses to yield gains often achieved only with taking large amounts of anabolic steroids.

One particular steroid combination that works extremely well together, while increasing each other’s anabolic effects. Is Equipose and Dianabol. Some self-labeled steroid experts have begun suggesting that testosterone must be the foundation or base of every steroid cycle. This could possibly be the biggest misconception about steroid being passed around today. Equipose and Dianabol both have an anabolic/androgenic rating that isn’t far from testosterone, which means they will exhibit many of the same effects that testosterone does anyway. Now that we are clear that it’s ok to run a steroid cycle without testosterone as one of the drugs used, we’ll take a look at Dianabol and Equipose separately, and then examine how they work together to send muscle gains through the roof.

Also known as Boldenone Undecylenate, Equipose is a veterinary steroid developed by CIBA with the intention of being used in the horse and cattle industry. Even though Equipose was developed to be used as a veterinary steroid, it was quickly learned how powerful this steroid could be when used by humans. On paper, Equipose appears to be exactly the same as Dianabol, except Dianabol is a 17 alpha-alkylated oral steroid, and Equipose is an injectable steroid that is attached to a very long undecylenate ester chain. This characteristic gives Equipose the very long half-life of 14 days.

Equipose is an excellent steroid for generating quality muscle mass and strength gains. Also, this drug has a positive effect on the circulation of blood in the body, which allows for maximum blood flow to the muscles being trained. Equipose can promote erythropoietin (EPO) stimulating factor. This in turn, stimulates red-blood-cell production, and a higher oxygen carrying capacity. This can greatly delay musclefatigue, allowing an athlete or bodybuilder to train longer and harder.

As I mentioned, on paper, Dianabol is the oral version of the injectable steroid Equipose. The delivery method of these two similar looking steroids appears to be the reason why these two steroids act so differently in the human body. Dianabol increases anaerobic glycolysis, which in turn increases the build-up of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is used by muscles to form glycogen, and this results in more energy in anaerobic metabolism. This also allows for more glycogen to be stored within muscle tissue. More glycogen inside the muscle leads to much greater muscle fullness and that pumps that Dianabol has become famous for. Dianabol has the ability to drastically increase muscle size and strength in just a short period of time. For this reason, Dianabol is often incorporated into bulking cycles, but this steroid’s versatility makes it a good steroid to use during periods of calorie restriction, as it’s highly anabolic effects limit or prevent muscle wasting.

Dianabol use can lead to side-effects such as estrogen build up, water retention, elevated blood pressure, and hair loss. When particular steroids are combined to amplify their muscle-building effects, much lower doses can be used to achieve excellent gains, while avoiding many of the side-effects that often accompany heavy steroid use.

Dianabol + Equipose 1+1=4

Being a long acting steroid, Equipose will take a few weeks to fully kick in gear. This is one area where Dianabol picks up the slack, as it will start promoting muscle-building effects almost immediately; within 72 hours for most people. About two weeks into this steroid cycle is when these two compounds really start working together to perform their mass-building magic. Equipose has a positive effect on circulation and blood flow to the muscles. When coupled with Dianabol’s glycogen and fluid retention effects within the muscle tissue, you are left with extreme muscle fullness and insane pumps when training. These are both factors that contribute directly to new muscle growth. The extra blood flow to muscle tissue being trained allows for easier transport of muscle-building nutrients to the muscles. It also allows for waste products produced during training to be transported away from the muscle tissue more efficiently. The body can then recover and rebuild muscle tissue much quicker and more efficiently.

All muscles in the human body are covered with something called the muscle fascia. This covering limits how far the muscle can expand and grow. Stretching the muscle fascia is a must in order to put on large amounts of muscle. The increased muscular pumps from the combination of Equipose and Dianabol can create enough force to help stretch the muscle fascia over a cycle period. This can lead to new musclegrowth that couldn’t have been achieved in the past due to the restricting muscle fascia.

Below is an outline of how these two anabolic steroids should be stacked. Again, the dosage on both compounds are fairly low. Believe me, incredible muscle gains can be achieved with these doses, while avoiding most of the side-effects.

Week Equipose Dianabol Tamoxifen Clomiphene
1) 300mg/week 30mg/day
2) 300mg/week 30mg/day
3) 300mg/week 30mg/day
4) 300mg/week 30mg/day
5) 300mg/week 30mg/day
6) 300mg/week 30mg/day
7) 300mg/week 30mg/day
8) 300mg/week 30mg/day
9) 20mg/day
10) 20mg/day
11) 20mg/day 100mg/day
12) 20mg/day 50mg/day
13) 50mg/day
14) 25mg/day

The Dianabol should be taken as 3 separate doses evenly spread throughout the day.

Many bodybuilders and athletes today are using anabolic steroids excessively with the belief that this is the only way to achieve massive size. Many often feel that they are somehow exempt from the damage that can occur from outrageous amounts of anabolics. This is simply untrue. Many bodybuilders have been successfully utilizing low doses of anabolic steroids for decades while remaining healthy, and for the most part, side-effect free. The key is learning how to combine the right steroids in the right amounts.