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Chris Bumstead Does Brutal Leg Workout, Explains Current Training Approach

Chris Bumstead thrashed his legs in recent brutal workout.

Reigning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead recently shared an intense leg day workout. The dominant champion is looking to pull out all stops as he prepares himself to defend his Olympia crown.

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With so many tough challengers waiting in line to secure the title of Classic Physique Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead has his work cut out for him. He cannot afford to rest on his laurels and take his foot off the gas. If he wishes to repeat at the 2022 Olympia, Bumstead will have to turn over every stone to ensure the gap between himself and the rest of the division remains a chasm.

Training Approach

In order to achieve his goal of remaining champion Chris Bumstead is taking stock of his training regimen and looking to fine tune things as much as possible. In a recent post to social media Bumstead explained his approach to the game and how he conducts his training currently.

Some current training thoughts💭

1. Find new ways to to change tempo and duration of movements, ideally to create more time under tension. I get super comfortable in movements and love being strong and explosive (which is great), BUT I can get carried away with that and start moving too fast. This can decrease TUT, cause accessory muscles to take over too much, and not put enough emphasis on the eccentric. Be more intentional with every rep.

2. Find new or forgotten exercises that push me out of my comfort zone, literally. Again getting too comfortable I tend to stick to certain exercises while neglecting others that my body feels to tight to get into. Obviously this makes my body adapt even more and decrease mobility further. I’ve been finding and doing exercises where my mobility holds me back before my strength does and over time slowly increasing the weight as my mobility increases as well.

Chris Bumstead also recently put himself through a pretty brutal leg day workout. No stranger to thrashing his wheels, the Classic Physique Olympia champion put himself through a number of intense exercises that left him completely wrecked after the session. The full leg day workout exercises are as follows.

Chris Bumstead Brutal Leg Day Workout

You can see the entirety of his leg day workout here.

What do you think of Chris Bumstead, his training methods, and his brutal leg day workout?

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