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Chris Bumstead Has Put On Some Serious Muscle in the Off Season

Chris Bumstead is looking impressive in his off season Olympia prep.

Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead has shown some incredible muscle gains in prep for the 2021 show. The gains he’s made in the office season have been truly impressive.

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Just because you’re the champ doesn’t mean you should take things easy. In fact, once you become the champ it’s only the beginning of your journey. It’s harder to remain the champ than it is to become the champ in the first place. It’s all about refusing to rest on your laurels and continue to grind as if you were still an amateur working your way up the latter. Chris Bumstead has come to understand this well and has pushed his body and mind to the next level after becoming Classic Physique Olympia champion.

A student of the game with an undeniable passion for bodybuilding, Chris Bumstead has pushed the envelope in his training. Working alongside brother-in-law Iain Valliere, Bumstead was able to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming an Olympia champion. With achieving such a lofty goal his new mission has become very simple: continue to win for as long as possible.

With that in mind Chris Bumstead has pushed his training to the next level. He’s been prepping hard to defend his title at the 2021 Olympia this October and has shown clear signs of improvement. The Classic Physique Olympia champion has packed on a great deal of new muscle onto his frame and it could prove to be the biggest factor in a repeat performance this year.

Massive Gains

A recent post on Instagram showcased just how massive Chris Bumstead has become.

With this level of muscle added to his frame you can certainly bet that Chris Bumstead will have some impressive musculature on display when he cuts weight and steps on stage.

Are you impressed with Chris Bumstead and the gains he’s made in the off season.

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