Cydney Gillon Demonstrates How Beginners Should Train Glutes

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April 16, 2024
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The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, so its development is critical for creating a powerful, aesthetic physique. Seven-time Figure Olympia champion Cydney Gillon reveals her secrets for sculpting glutes in a video on her YouTube channel.

Gillon’s routine features bodyweight and resistance band exercise alternatives, a great option for those without access a gym.

Gillon’s Glute Building Workout

Below are the lower body movements Cydney Gillon demonstrated:

Discover Gillon’s techniques below:

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Machine Hip Thrusts 

Gillon kicks off glute training with machine hip thrusts, recommending beginners use the machine without weight to avoid overloading the glutes. She finds a comfortable position to effectively target the glutes.

“I find the most bang for my buck on my glutes when my feet are on the outside of my hips because when my feet go too close together, it’s more adductor than anything,” states Gillon. 

Gillon drives through the concentric, ensuring her core is braced. She keeps the lower back tucked at the bottom phase of the movement, not allowing it to come off the pad. She suggests enhancing the exercise with variations such as isometric holds or pulsing at the top.

Machine Kickbacks

Kickbacks can be replicated at home using ankle weights, body weight, and/or resistance bands. Gillon recommends starting with the weaker glute, as unilateral training can correct muscle or strength imbalances

Image via @vytamin_c on Instagram

Gillons maintains engaged abs when applying a “big squeeze” at the top of the concentric. Using heavy weights without a proper warm-up can negatively impact glute contractions during kickbacks. Gillon recommends utilizing resistance bands for warm-ups, especially for potential Figure athletes. 

Gillon recommends performing banded lateral walks and forward and backward duck walks. Press through the heels, continuously pushing against the band to maximize glute engagement. Side- and back-kicks with the resistance band can also serve as an effective warm-up.

Bench Glute-Ham Raises 

Gillion introduces the bench glute-ham raise for those lacking glute-ham developer equipment. She drives the feet upward while engaging the glutes. An alternative technique involves the heels remaining together as the legs lift, which can be particularly beneficial for hip mobility.

Using a bench, Gillon demonstrates a rear leg raise variation. This adaptation enhances the depth of the movement, especially when drawing the foot to the midpoint at the movement’s bottom. She stabilizes the hips throughout.

Gillon remains seated on the bench and performs glute kickback crossovers as another alternative. The hips don’t need to move during this exercise.

Gillon concludes the glute-ham raise variations, noting that these can be performed on a bench or the floor. Incorporating ankle weights or resistance bands can enhance intensity. Gillon advises beginners to start with body weight to master the form before adding load.

Cable Hip Extensions

Gillon concludes her glute workout demonstration by showing how to utilize the cable machine for glute exercises. The attachment can be secured around the ankle or knees. While training, Gillon palpated the upper glutes to identify maximal engagement.

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